Advice Needed

Hey, hi. I’m a unicycler in arlinton ma, if you’re nearby, thats cool. Im just wondering, i’ve been on the uni for near a year and I’m just perfecting my curb jumping. I can go backwards, jump around 50 times in a row, and almost 180’s on demand

I need advice for what to do now, because I’m getting very restless with uni now.

PS- the restlessness helps me with diabolo and juggling balls and clubs.

get better. wait i got it…SEARCH! jump up stuff, do unispins, do more than ride hop and 180’s.

Find a friend, encorage them to learn then you can go riding together and just go out and learn new tricks.

I agree with sp4rky-m4rky, I’d also encourage them to learn so when they get as good as you are. You can compete on who can get the most tricks b4 a certain time frame and so forth. :smiley: That’s what i do with my friends all the time and it never gets boring. :smiley: :smiley:

I wish I had encoraged my friends earlyer, I am now so much better than all my friends that its not so fun riding with them. I will be the only one trying things wilst they just ride along behind. I cant try and compete with them to learn a trick because there not good enough and also they seem to spend more time on lame pc games rather than practicing :frowning:

I am going to start a uni club up in my school so I will have more people to ride with but unless there are already people who can ride in my school I dont think its going to be that great. Im going to start with the posters now to give people a chance to learn and buy unis.

Just remember that if i can convince 10 people to buy unicycles and UW. Then any one can. :wink:

Good luck with it my friend. Hope it works out for you. :smiley: :smiley:

thanks everyone, you can stll post but i’ll try everything so far

hey buddie im in the same shoes,but u cud try 1 foot riding or maybe walking the wheele?!?..just an idea

Freestyle, Muni, Trials, Street, Flatland.

There’s plenty fun in all of those styles, and plenty of tricks to learn in each of those style. Goodluck.

muni and freestyle really branch out into the other styles (trials comes from muni, freestyle+trials=street, flatland+ freestyle=very similar)…

U think I can actually wheel walk
I’ve wanted to for lifetime

P.S.S.- Peace

Hey, how do you perfect the kickup, i’ve only got it up to like an inch from straight up?