Advice needed

Can someone give me on what sort of unicycle to buy a beginner please?

I think I’ve worked out so far that a 20" is good, it’s more the makes, what’s good and what’s not … I have no idea :thinking:

I think a torker LX will be top pick for me. They’re very durable and worth the $$$. Also i think a 20" is good for learning and a 24" is good for street and Muni

Hope that helped and welcome to xyza. You’re guranteed to get some good advice on this forum from the many helpful people (including me :D).

So have fun and enjoy. :smiley: :smiley:

yeah torker LX 20" is good, but depends where you live, Nimbus is good too, and if you allready know how to ride and dont mind investing a bit more then Torker DX…

but if your not in USA then the choice is abit harder…

Well my first unicycle was just a cheap 20 inch chrome uni its been fine all the way and its only £35

The only downside was that after about 6 months of riding hard on it the seat becane really weak

Thats my advice hope it helps

Yeah I’m in the UK and to get the torker LX delivered would be an extra £50+

I was looking at the Delux chrome on ebay, and also the avocet ones which are similar.

It won’t be for me, but I may get to learn to ride it as well and end up buying myself one :wink:
As it is at the moment I have visions of the person I’m buying it for trying to ride it whilst playing with fire poi/staff and it all going horribly wrong :astonished:

Just one more thing though, the ones I’ve been looking at on ebay say that the 20" is good for an inside leg 24" to 29" Approx, that would be fine for him with his short legs but not so good for me with 31" legs. Only when I was looking on they say 20" is good for upto 33". What is it that determines the size, is it the seat post ???

yer basically!!!

What kind of unicycling do you want to do?

Thought that might come later once he’s learnt the basics ie. staying upright :wink:

you can get a 20" sun… it might not be the strongest uni for when you get better but it is good for learning on

people just dont listen to the fact ur in the UK but never mind…

my gf has this one
and i chaned the seat to a KH cause it was hurting her loads (and she doesnt even have balls…)

I had this
as a learner uni but i broke the seat so i bought a KH onza seat… (on offer at the time)

if ur budget can stretch i guess this would be even better

and this one looks even better and a bit cheaper.

if you need to go cheaper then i guess this one on ebay is ok

but i would only go for the ones marked qu-ax because there is alot of crap on ebay i know a friend got one and the cranks dont hold cause the hub is rEALLY bad…

Not me, sorry.

I was being polite :wink:

Thanks for all those :slight_smile:

There’s nothing with being polite xyza. Nothing wrong at all. BTW i like your user pic. It rocks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I say there’s something with being polite xyza.
+1 on the avatar.

What i meant to say was there’s nothing wrong about being polite. hahahaha :smiley:

holy crap, that is the EXACT same unicycle i have… except mine died and i need a new one.

heres a pic of it before it died:

i had to replace the pedals because they tore off after a while, and heres a pic of my seat right now:

i need a new 20" uni, but i don’t have enough $ for the KH20"… although, thats what everyone recomends i get. I like street, and freestyle unicyclin, so does anyone have any suggestions, or should i just get the KH20"?


Well thanks for all the advice, I got him this one as he’ll either hate it or want something better once he’s learnt to ride.

It arrived yesterday in pieces, I’m fighting the temptation of putting together and learning to ride before he gets it on Christmas day :wink:

I may well get myself one after Christmas and it’s all you guys fault :smiley:

if ur looking for makes qu-ax and KH is gd