Advice Needed - What To Learn Next!?

Just thought I’d ask the community for a bit of help and inspiration really! :smiley:

I’d like to learn what to do next. I’m a firm level 3 and for level 4 I just need to get better at riding backwards (I can just about manage 10m but not every time) and idling.

I want to learn some of the “cooler” stuff so I can show off, so what else can I work on while I’m out working on my skill levels? Surely not everyone learns everything in order?

Here’s some of the more “advanced” (ha ha) stuff I can do:

SIF riding and hops
Hops / Sidehops (about 40cm sideways or about 30cm up)
Jump mount / jump mount to SIF
Suicide mount
Side mount
Idling / backwards (shaky)

Is there any other cool stuff I can learn or should I just carry on with the IUF skill levels? I’m not bothered about being in the MUni / street / flat / trials / whatever camp, I just want to learn some stuff that looks good :slight_smile:

Oh, and I have a Qu-Ax 24" Cross with a 24x3 Duro Wildlife Leopard, KH 125 / 150 double hole Moments and metal pinned pedals if that helps.

You should learn 180 unispins:)

I love showing unispins off to people who cant ride and have never seen it before.
Really I guess I just love showing off my unicycle skills to people that think that riding a unicycle is impossible :slight_smile:

You could do leg wraps. Or do a full seatwrap.
You could start trying zeroplants/footplants… Those are easy enough most of the time.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’d love to try out a unispin but I can’t get my head around it. Are there any good slow-mo videos out there showing how it’s done? Would it be much harder on a 24? (I have a 12 incher too, maybe I could try on that?)

I might have a go at footplants. It’s just started raining here though so it will have to wait. I hate practicing new tricks in the wet :frowning:

It is a little harder on the 24 beacause you have to kick your legs out farther or bring them up higher. But you can do them for sure. I bet it would be easier and harder on the 12 inch. Its hard to use the 12 beacause of their small size but it also makes it so you have to do a lot less to actually pull of a unispin. I would stick to the 24(although getting a 20 or 19 would be a good idea if you want to do this kind of thing). As for a tutorial on them, Im sure there is one around somewhere.

Learn how to glide. On the way you will have to learn one footed riding and wheel walking too. And gliding is a really cool and very useful skill. With the basics for gliding you will also be able to learn one-footed idling quite easily I think. So when focusing on learning how to glide you will have lots of different skills to practice - it will not get boring :wink:

That is a good path to go with too. All fun to stuff to work on as well as fun to do.
That and having to learn the multiple skills helps is good too…

With the unispin by the way, for help all I have is try to do a 180 unispin mount first. It helps to get your mind around landing on the pedals/cranks. And the biggest thing I can suggest, wear pads. Pedal bites from unispins are horrible.

Haha, I’ve got to learn on the 24 for now. I’ve already manged to acquire 3 unicycles in 6 months so the Mrs might not be too happy if another one appears. I’m planning on getting one at some point though (and a giraffe, and a 36, and an ultimate wheel, etc etc… :astonished: )

Thanks for all the advice people. I’m going to have a go at the unispins I think. I do have pads so don’t worry about my shins too much! :slight_smile:

If you havnt already learnt 180 jump mounts learning them might help learn 180 unispin, It helped me.

Ok, a task for all you hard core riders!
Make some video’s to show us what the heck some of these things are… Maybe slow motion…
I mean c’mon a 180 jump mount I can sorta picture, but whats the difference between a trey flip and a crankflip…
Seat wrap versus leg wrap?
I have an 18" and am planning to use that to play on a bit cause I cant see me doing a one armed handstand unispin coasting crankflip on my 29 Muni… :astonished:

I think a treyflip is like a crankflip and a unispin at the same time. I could be wrong though!

Would love to see a good slow-mo video with the basic tricks, that would be really helpful for learning.

If I dont no what a trick is I look it up on youtube

Yeah you have a crankflip which is just a flick of your cranks.
A unispin which is just spinning the unicycle under you.
Hickflip/outflip/inflip Would all be versions of a 180 unispin + crankflip
treyflip would be a 360 unispin with a crankflip
than there is fifthflips seventhflip ninthflips (I cant wait for a tenthflip :p)
There are also different versions of those I believe but I dont know them yet.