Advice Needed for New Unicycle

Currently I have Torker 20" CX. However, the unicycle is now too small for me and I have broken off the pedals which were only screwed on and quickly became striped. I am looking for a new unicycle which will best fit my needs. I need it sturdy, durable, and able to travel distances around my town. I am thinking about getting the Torker 24" LX but I’m concerned if it will be sturdy and durable seeing how my last Torker quickly fell apart. The Torker DX looked great but is way above my price range of $140. I would appreciate any help in advising me to the next purchase of a unicycle. (Brand names would also be appreciated) If you know of anywhere to buy used or new unicycles inexpensively online that would be great as well. Thanks and please help me make a good, money-worth-it purchase. :sunglasses:

“which were only screwed on”

-All pedals are screwed on.
The CX cranks were probably the problem though. I learned on one too, and man, that seat was a pain - and the pedals were so bad that I couldn’t freemount with damp shoes :angry: Hooray for pinned aluminum pedals!

"price range of $140. "

-Sorry, but that’s probably not going to get you much. Try checking out the Trading Post for a while and see if something shows up. As long as you’re not too hard on it, the 24’’ LX should be able to hold up fine though.

If you can increase your budget by ~$100, I’d say you should get a Nimubs 24’’ with an Isis hub. Those things are built like tanks! I’ve got 2 Nimbus’s (Nimbii?) and I doubt that I’ll ever break either of them. They’re pretty close to top-of-the-line while still being relatively cheap.

Thanks Aklyatne!

If all of them are “screw on” how do they prevent them from striping? I am such a noob lol. :wink: BTW-I was able to find a Torker 24" LX for 130 and free shipping but I will totally do some research on the Nimbus. Anyone else have some suggestions?

Buy new cranks for the cx, about 10 $

Add on the KH seat on sale here. It will bolt to a cx seatpost, it is the lx that has the odd size.

Then grease or use blue loctite and turn in a set of 13 $ Odyssey twisted pc pedals with a 15 mm wrench. Be super sure that the cranks and pedals go on the correct side because the left pedal has left hand threads. Everyone likes pc pedals much better than the slippery Torkers.

This will give you a super comfortable and perfectly fine starter uni for about 65 $. Don’t worry about blowing 42 $ on a seat for a cheap uni, you may use the seat for years on successive unis, so that is the best $ to spend.

Then save your money, and look for a deal on an ISIS splined KH, Nimbus, or Qu-ax 24. Sometimes there are sales. If you haunt the forum for a while, someone will post about a sale. Still, figure on spending at least 300 ish dollars to get a good uni. That is why I suggest learning to idle, ride backwards, turn well etc. on the cx, it is fine now that you have one. Just don’t hop and drop with it, and your refurbished cx should last fine until you can purchase a better ride.

The lx is a better choice than a cx, but now that you have one, fix it and then make the jump to something really good when you have the $.

Good plan to fix the old one until you can afford something a bit stronger. It doesn’t get you a bigger wheel though…
FYI, I spent $150 on my first uni 8 weeks ago, now I’m shopping for something better 'cause it isn’t going to hold up. I’ve already spent $40 on parts to keep it going and got the wheel replaced under warranty!

Cheap unis are good for learning but that’s where it stops.


Only problem Feel the Light is that for my build/weight and excessive riding i put on my unicycle I would continually spend money and time fixing my unicycle. I really think it would be better to sell what parts I can on my old one and get a new unicycle. Thanks for the comment. It gave me some of the dollar figures I was curios about and I will look into the unicycles you listed. Anyone else have some suggestions?

4umfreak- I totally agree with your last statement! Why can’t they desgin a “less expensive” unicycle for novices? Oh well…

I don’t think you can sell a broken cx LOL

Try to think of it as not investing any $ in the cx. The KH seat is the best, comfort wise for small wheels. The cotterless cranks could be reused, or sold with a working cx. Even the pc pedals could be taken out before you sell it. So spend the 10 $ to fix your ride into sellable condition. Think of the new seat and pedals as yours.

Basically, you need more $ to get what you want. An lx won’t be enough of a step up, if durability and tough is what you want, you must buy a good ISIS muni.

I may not be able to sell the CX in its intirity but I can still sell the wheel, frame, etc. I think I will be looking into the Nimbus 24" with an Isis hub. Thanks for trying to help though.

I know this is above your posted budget, but it’s a good solid uni:

I couldn’t begin to guess it’s new retail value but you’re not that far off the asking price.
Watch the Trading Post for a while, stuff comes up.

Yep 4umfreak, I was just looking at this one not to long ago. Do you think it is better or about the same as a Nimbus?

I don’t know - you could ask the seller. He’d never get away with telling a fib on here! :wink:

The yellow hub Qu-ax

That is a very strong splined hub. I don’t think it is ISIS, but I may be wrong. All that means is you will not have crank interchangeability as an option between that uni and any ISIS unis you may buy later.

Assuming the seller is honest (he only has 1 post so I assume no one here knows him) , and the uni is almost new, 200 $ seems pretty good to me. The Qu-ax is sorta like a Nimbus, in that it is a bit heavier than KH but has a rep as very tough.

Thank you so much Feel the Light! I was really wondering about that… I have been trying to contact the seller but so far no luck. :frowning: Oh well, will keep trying! And thank you to everyone else for your comments and suggestions.

That Muni isn’t ISIS, but the hub is splined. A Qu-Ax Muni is one of the strogest out there.

Depending on your weight, a LX could last for years w/o breaking parts, if you never do anything more harsh than the occational curb. I’d get the 26" for the riding you described.

If you want your uni to really last for what you said, anything w/ a splined hub will do, but they start at ~ $310 new. IMO a 29" would prob be best.

Edit: you prob stripped the cranks by riding it w/ loose pedals. IMO you’d have a hard time selling a cheap uni like your CX. Maybee if you replaced the cranks. If FTL idea doesn’t work JB weld the pedals on and use it as a loaner.

A guy has a nice Torker DX for $150 on the trade forum…