[ADVICE NEEDED] Choosing first (pink) uni

Hello everyone,

I am new here. I am looking desperately for a pink unicycle to learn (and maybe do some basic tricks in the future). It will be my first unicycle so I’m really excited. By the way, I am rather short so I’ll most probably be getting a 20" unicycle. Currently, I’m considering a few options and would appreciate some advice! :slight_smile:

1. Order a pink uni from UK and have it shipped to where I live (Singapore)
I have shortlisted a few. Could someone please advise me on whether they are alright for a beginner (and maybe for some basic tricks in the future)?

(a) It’s a Uni-Bopper 20". I like this the most but there are few reviews on this and I’m not sure if I should spend so much getting a uni that will not last long
(b) This pink 20" Qu-Ax Luxus is the next best one I like. http://www.powerkiteshop.com/quax-qu-ax-luxus-unicycle.htm

© I do not really like this 20" Punk Freestyle uni since it is only the tyre that is pink. Also, this is out of my budget. http://www.unicycle.uk.com/20-punk-freestyle-unicycle-pink.html

2. Spray paint/powder coat a brand-less unicycle I can find locally

3. Get pink unicycle parts from two UK websites and assemble the unicycle myself
I don’t think I will be able to do this though… I don’t even know what I’ll need to get.

Looking forward to hearing some advice from all of you :slight_smile: Thank you so much in advance!

i would recommend looking locally and then powder coating. The cost of shipping a unicycle over from the UK is likely to be prohibitive unless you were talking about a top end uni.

If you do decide to import, the uni bopper is a children’s learner uni. The saddle is utterly tiny and I don’t believe it is very strong. A luxus would be a much safer bet, QuAx builds tough unicycles but they can be a touch heavy.

Go for QA uni. Or get any and paint it.
After learning you will know exactly what you need and can get better uni with raw frame and powder coat it.

Thank you, davejh and HudsonAktau, for the fast responses!

There is a really small local market in my country. None of the physical/online shops that I know of sell unicycles of reputable brands (like Nimbus, Club and Qu-Ax). That’s why I’m really considering the option of importing.

I’ve more or less decided to get the Qu-Ax unicycle (http://www.powerkiteshop.com/quax-qu-ax-luxus-unicycle.htm) and I’m very tempted to get a pink Gusset tyre since I’m already paying quite a lot for shipping from Europe to Singapore.

From what I read, the pink Gusset tyre (http://www.unicycle.uk.com/gusset-20-2-1-tyre-pink.html) is 20"× 2.1" while the original white tyre of the Qu-Ax unicycle is 20" x 1.95". Do you think I’ll be able to replace the original white Qu-Ax tyre with the Gusset one (will the Gusset tyre fit)? Also, is the Gusset tyre better than the original Qu-Ax tyre? If it’s worse of in terms of quality and/or can’t fit, I will not get the Gusset tyre.

The gusset tyre is supposed to be quite a good tyre. I don’t have any personal experience with it but I know people do use it. It will fit on the unicycle with no problems.

A guy who grew up playing unicycle hockey in Singapore showed me how to idle on one foot. He did mention buying one of his unis (a Qu-Ax) somewhere in Europe. Still, I’m a bit surprised that good unicycles aren’t available in Singapore, given that there are hockey teams. Where I live it’s just the opposite: lots of good unicycles for sale but no hockey team, -not anywhere nearby, at least.

The pink gusset tyre is just the rubber part alone though, it doesn’t come with rims and the spokes and it’s 20" x 2.1". Doesn’t the difference (new pink tyre 2.1" vs old tyre 1.95") affect how the pink tyre (rubber part only) fit on the original frame?

0.0 there is no hockey team nearby? Wow, maybe you can start one! :smiley: Perhaps there are a few good ones in Singapore that I don’t know of. I only know of three physical shops in Singapore and all three sell unicycles from China/Taiwan. The online shop based in Singapore does sell VERY few Qu-Ax unicycles and its own brand (Team-Uni). The uni-hockey players in Singapore I know imported theirs or personally went to Europe/Korea/Japan to get theirs. :frowning:

The 2.1 tire is only around 3mm’s wider than the original, so there shouldn’t be any interference with the frame. Keep in mind that the numbers are less accurate than they seem. It could easily be that the two tires are the same size. Some tires are a bit narrow for the size, and others are more “true” to size. In practical terms these two tires are interchangeable.


Thought so
Check with Fluxismaximus, she’s in Singapore.




I see, I didn’t think of that… Maybe I could get the pink tyre then :smiley: Now i have to factor in the costs of shipping that and the other parts…

I have checked out Team-Uni website but nothing caught my eye…
I’ll check with Fluximaximus, thank you so much :smiley:
In the meantime, I’ve wrapped pink ribbons around the unicycle my friend lent me, haha. I guess I’ll have to make do with it until I get my own pink one. It is quite troublesome though, as the ribbons keep falling off!

Thank you all for your help!