advice: Kenda Khan k935 28x2.0 700x50c tire

Has anyone tried this tire on a uni? I noticed that my Big Apple is showing some wear, and I don’t like the way it handles road crown.

I noticed that this tire has a regular retail of under $20 US, and at that price it might be worth considering, but I wanted to know if anyone had any uni experience with it. Unfortunately you can’t see the profile of the tire in the photo’s, it might be round, or pointed…

What do you think? Would it be a good uni tire? I’m looking for something that would be a good commuting 29’er tire.

After more digging I have found that this tire is sold under many names: Pyramid, Sunlite, Kenda, and probably more. It seems like they all share the K935 designation, and some of them are called Khan, while others aren’t. It looks like it is commonly available in a 26 inch size, so maybe if anyone has experience with that size they could chime in.