Advice for long distance riding on a 29er

Not to discourage you, but I just don’t see this happening. Experienced unicyclists on a 36er maybe. But not on an ungeared 29er.

I’ve been riding for a bit more than a year now. My main ride is a 29er Nimbus with 125mm cranks. I wouldn’t want anything shorter than this or I’d be stranded on the first incline. I do about 6mph on it. If you do the math on that, I’d be riding for 20 hours straight without any break to recover, eat, drink, sleep. You originally said multi day trip. I’d really stretch this out if I were you and cut the distances to something more manageable. Do a training ride where you ride about 130% of what you plan for your longest day. If you have no problem with that, you may be ok.

Here is some info from another thread to support my claim. Hopefully that will make you see that a 120rpm cadence for a multi day ride is a bit too much: