Advice for freemounting 3 wheeled triverticycle

Last night I decided to begin practicing freemounts on my three wheel stack. The three wheeler is made of 20" wheels so the total height is about 7 feet.

On a shorter uni (about 5 feet) I can go straight to the left pedal and climb directly onto the seat but this one is too tall for that.

Here’s what I’m doing. Feel free to step in and offer advice.

My basic idea is to use the bottom wheel as a step (right foot) and then go to the left pedal, followed by the right pedal and finally get seated and ride away.

So, I start with the left pedal down and a little forward (about 7 o’clock). I make sure the unicycle is leaning forward (maybe 15 degrees?) and a little to the right.

I then put my right foot on the bottom wheel where it meets the middle wheel. At this point my right hand is holding the back of the saddle and my left had is free.

I step up onto the wheel and at the same time bring my left leg up so that I can step on the left pedal. My left hand grabs the front of the saddle.

Basically that’s as far as I’ve gotten. As soon as I attempt to transition my weight to the left pedal (to step up onto the right pedal) I either loose my balance or my nerve (or both).

I’m wondering if my choice of pedal position is correct?

Is it customary to begin pedaling before placing the saddle between the legs (a sort of SIF/regain balance maneuver) or should I be trying to get fully into position before riding away?

Thanks for any suggestions,