Advice for a beginner?

Hi folks,
I’ve decided to take up unicycling but need a bit of advice before I actually purchase anything, hope you can help. From what I’ve been reading I should be looking for a 20" or 24" to start on but 20" is preferred. I want to be able to unicyle where I would normally walk (15 mins to work, around the streets etc.) and to muck about on.
I’m thinking I should buy a cheap one to start off with as it’s likely to suffer a good deal of falls on the learning curve and then buy a more expensive one later on so I’m looking at this
Is that a good idea or is that too cheap and not a decent quality uni?
Also could someone clarify something for me. If you’re changing from a 24" to 20" or vice versa I presume the dimensions of the frame would be totally different and it’s not just a case of getting a different size tyre, am I correct?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

that looks like a good starter uni. just to warn you though, the seat is going to be very uncomfortable.

yeah, a 20" or 24" is a great size to start with. don’t try to start with a coker or a mini-uni! :smiley: i started with a 20" and it worked well for me. a normal unicycle should be able to take you on a short ride to work no problem, but if it’s long you should eventually buy a coker to save time. when you’re starting off, you want something relatively strong with a comfortable seat. if you wanted to do trials or something, the seat wouldn’t matter, but you’re not going to be jumping around right off the bat so a comfy seat is important. the one pictured looks fine. and yes, the frame size changes. good luck with your unicycling and feel free to pm me if you have any trouble!

If you want to actually go somewhere with your unicycle, definitely get a 24" over a 20". The learning curve is not much different. You can use the same frame for a 24" and a 20", but you’d need a whole new wheel, which would probably cost as much as that unicycle.

Thanks guys, I think I’ll probably go with a cheap 20" to start off with but I’ll consider 24 as well. I’m checking on ebay and if nothing turns up I’ll order the one posted above, anyone feel free to chip in with other suggestions though.

A 20" unicycle is not really a mode of transportation. A 24" is and is probably just as easy to learn on if you’re 5’6" (167cm) or taller. Interesting that they have the seatpost clamp on backwards in the photo as if they don’t know what they’re showing or talking about. The unicycle pictured has maincap bearings which is a big plus. The saddle will not be too comfortable but it is not the worst one made. The crown is curved (where the fork legs meet the seatpost tube) which makes developing one-footed skills somewhat difficult but you’re not looking that far into the future right now.

Good luck. Get the 24" if you want to easily run errands at about twice walking speed.

okay so maybe I want to look at a 24" if I want to go the 15 min walk to work and back? I’m just under 5’6".
I suppose if I get a cheap 20" now then I could get a 24" once I’m ready to spend a bit more money.

Have fun! Be patient with yourself learning. The rewards are fabulous. just one example: I just came back from a charity mountain bicycle event where I easily impressed the semi pro cannondale-sponsored mountain bikers with my exceedingly feeble Muni skills. :stuck_out_tongue: I can hop a whopping 3 inches! It evoked oooooh, aaaahhhs, and lots of conversation.

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