Advice: 20 inch flatland/freestyle/street

Okay, I’ve exhausted the search function I think.

I need some input from some of you more experience folks that might have some knowledge about some of these components.

I basically have a Nimbus X street uni and a Nimbus II frame and seatpost.

Now that I have an extra frame and seatpost it naturally seems to want to evolve into another unicycle :D, so here is what I’m thinking.

Hub-Nimbus ISIS hub (36 or 48 hole ?) or Koxx-1 reinforced?

Cranks- Qu-Ax Cromoly ISIS cranks (125mm), Koxx-1 (125mm), KH moments (125mm).

Is there anywhere in the USA or maybe Canada that has the Qu-Ax cranks? I can get them from the UK. I’m mainly looking for a good strong crank that is also great for rolling crank tricks.

From my searching the onzas are recommended but I’m not sure if I want to spend the extra on the onza hub and crank. The Koxx cranks look good but I’m still confused about the whole koxx Isis thing, and the koxx street that looks best for standing on the cranks only comes in 135mm.

Rim- Nimbus 20" 44mm double walled rim (36 or 48 hole ?)

Tire- Fly Campillera Tire 20x2.25 Info on this tire: Ruben Alcantara Signature Tire. Silkworm Casing allows lower tire pressure, Protection line on side absorbs impact and prevents rupture. 110 psi rating.

Pedals- Eastern Plastic or Twisted PCs.

I mainly want something different than my 19 inch Creepy Crawler setup, something that is smooth light and fast. Something good for flatland and freestyle but that will also take some jumps.

What do you all think? What would you recommend (especially in the area of cranks I’m having a hard time figuring that one out)?


Any ideas?

Specifically, How would the Quax chromoly ISIS cranks work for flat? They should have more room than KH moments, correct?


Id go with the nimbus hub.

I am curious to see how the DJ rim holds a 2.25 tire. The problem with a tire that size is you are gonna be temped to run it at a bit lower psi than a bmxer would, so it has some give. 2.25 on most bmx rims will fold over quite easy with anything but a high psi. It would be awesome to see the DJ rim solve this problem, I am sure it will help alot. I dont know much about this rim and I would make sure you have a nice wheel build and check your spokes regularly.

As for cranks I just got a pair of the Qu-Ax CrMO 125s(de-nubbed by Evan). I havent tried them yet, if you plan to do flatland the nubs will help for more foot room. These cranks are super light and from the looks and feel I think I will love them on a 20" build.

If you have the money you might want to look into a Kevlar beaded tire so help save some weight. One of the nice things about a 20" is when they have light rotational weight. I am currently looking into a tire smaller then 2.25 for my street-land-style setup. Although I dont have a DJ rim so a 2.25 is a bit big for my Primo.

Pedals sound fine.

Edit: 36 holed rim. I dont think the nimbus hub comes in 48…
48 spoked build for a 20" could help if you think you will be doing alot of hopping and jumping and landing on the site of your wheel. but I honestly think you will not need the extra weight for the little strenght. It all depends on the strength of the rim and quality of the build job.

Great info, thanks for the feedback.

So it sounds like the Qu-ax Chromo cranks with nubs will have a lot more foot room than the moments. As I’m getting better at crankrolls, I’m able to stay on the moments better each time, but it sure would be nice to have some more room.

Ya, I’d love to try one of those kevlar tires, definately something I’ll look into in the near future when the funds permit.

Oh, I just did a search and there is a 2.25 kelvar Fly ruben tire. That sounds like it might be a good match for the DJ rim. hmmmm

Yes, I’ll stick with 36 hole, like to keep it as light as possible.

Thanks again agentQ.

Anyone else who has experience with any of these parts please let me know. Especially flatland with the isis hub and quax cranks.

yeah i have a 48 hole now and i dont like it just because i cannot change my hub or rim. Also if you true your wheel and keep it properly tensioned you wont have any trouble.

Nimbus does make a 48 hole hub, UDC just doesn’t list it separately.
It will limit your rim options in the future. You won’t have to tension the spokes as often, but spend more time when you do (the spokes are pretty close together and are a bit of a pain w/ that many on a 20). The wheelset would be stronger, but heavier, most feel the strength is overkill if you keep the spokes tight on a 36.

A lot of people have a lot of problems w/ hitting their ankles on the nubs. The ISIS Cro-Mo cranks have a fair amount of Q-factor (I think more Moments), so hitting the nubs might not be a problem. I don’t hit the nubs on my 10 spline Qu-Ax cranks, because of the Q-factor and the increased length, but hit them all the time on my stock DX’s (ground them off and it’s not much of a prob anymore).

Ask UDC US and they may order the UK parts for you, avoiding the duty fees and pos reducing the shipping charge. I’d prob take longer to get to you though.

Thanks for the info.

I’ll see how it goes with the ankles. Hopefully the nubs will be great for flatland while not completely murdering my ankles. :astonished: We’ll see how it goes. I like the idea of being about to grind them down a bit if I need to.

I talked to UDC about he Quax chromo cranks, and they said they should have them some time in February. If that holds true the timing should be very good.

Thats awesome! I like these cranks very much, so far.

Some inspiration…

Picture 17.png

Picture 18.png

Picture 19.png

I’ll be the first to say that that uni is beautiful.

:astonished: Nice. Tell me about it. What is that rim? Primo wall tire (correct)? So smooth. Afraid mine won’t be as handsome.

Primo wall tire, Primo Hula Hoop rim, Primo forged spokes-black(186mm just so you know when you buy spokes{if you are lacing yourself}), KH Moment hub powder coated white, K1 Free-Tricks frame(custom cut), Odessey Twisted PC pedals.

The Rim has a custom sticker job, that I think came out real nice. Pretty much the only reason I didnt buy a Nimbus DJ.

As for the seat its a K1 white widow seat, with a CrMO post. Bad combination. way to flexy… As soon as I get a few bucks im gonna get some CF and mod the seat cover to be removable, and attach to an aluminum post.

All and all I like the setup. Lightening up the seat will help with weight, and a lighter frame would be nice, but the Signature frame is a bit pricey for its strength. I am prolly gonna look into a KHE street tire for this too.

that is so sick