Adventures on one tree hill

Several people are now crazy enough to join me on my weekly Muni exploits.
Thought I would write up a bit of what we did this weekend in the off chance
someone else is interested.

Following yesterdays unicycle club meet in Auckland Tony, Steve and myself
headed out to ride on one tree hill (made famous by the U2 song of the same
name). Unfortunately the tree was cut down two weeks ago but this presented the
perfect chance to ride on the stump!

The three of us spent a happy hour playing around on walls and various drops in
neigbouring cornwall park. We found a playground which provided a perfect chance
to emulate Universe video antics. I think I managed the most dangerous trick of
the day by hopping on top of some bars that were 8ft off the ground. One day
I’ll jump off them maybe :slight_smile: Tony’s unicyle continues to amaze me as he
routinely jumps off 2 and 3ft drops (with cotter pin cranks!).

After jumping up and down lots of steps it was off to tackle the sheep trails on
the way to the summit. Amidst sheep droppings we found some challenging single
track type stuff and eventually made it to the top.

All 3 of us managed to get on the stump and ride in a circle together (it was a
BIG tree). The best thing about one tree hill though is the smooth road to the
top which provides the opportunity to glide down hill for a good kilometre or so
(if your skills are up to it). I managed several hundred meters before we
discovered a picnic table begging to be jumped off. I figured my unicycle was
already pretty stuffed so I may as well do it.

Then it was a leisurely descent back to the cars through rock infested fields.
We all managed to push our limits and it was worth it despite my 5th set of bent
cranks in as many weeks. My rim needs to be rebuit too but at least my custom
Muni arrives this week!


o o Peter Bier o O o Juggler, unicyclist and mathematician.

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