Advantage of Nimbus Nightrider Pro over Nimbus Titan

So I’ve finally decided to buy a 36" and I’m looking at two major options, the Nimbus Titan at $450 and the Nimbus Nightrider Pro I would be getting from a local shop for $650. I’m trying to decide if the extra $200 is worth paying for from what I can tell is just an upgraded hub, frame, and cranks, with a handlebar? I plan on doing a lot of muni on the 36" so would the extra money be worth it for something that could better survive falls? What other advantages does the Nightrider pro have?

If you intend to use if for a lot of muni I’d stay away from the cheap square taper hub on the titan. The Nightrider also has a nicer saddle then the titan.

For MUni I would go for the Titan frame over the Nightrider.

The Nightrider is a great deal for a full on road going uni. Even on the road I had problems with the frame flex on it though. Add a brake and it is very difficult to set it up so that the brake works well, and doesn’t rub the wheel when you mount, or go up hill. I ended up putting a disc brake on it which solved the problem. I can only imagine that it would be much worse on any kind of trail with climbing. The Titan has a stronger frame as well. The Nightrider is light, and cool looking, but has a history of broken frames.

For MUni I would say you are going to use the grab handle on the saddle far more than you would ever use a handlebar. If you decided to take the shadow handlebar off of the Nightrider you would have to replace the seatpost as well. In this regard the Titan comes to the top. Again, for a road machine the handlebar is warranted, so keep that in mind.

The hub on the Titan is actually very nice, strong, and well made. Unless your other name is Terry Petersen you are going to be fine with a square taper hub. The cranks on the other hand are suspect. If you can upgrade to the Ventures on the Titan you would have a nice uni for road/offroad use. Keep in mind that for most people 36er MUni is not very aggressive.

Saddles are 100% oppinion. There are still people out there that like riding air saddles. My point is that when you find one that you like that’s the one for you. From the pix it looks like the Titan comes with a version of the old KH Fusion/Nimbus Hitop/UDC saddle. One of my most comfortable saddles was a KH Fusion that I cut a channel out of the middle to make it more like a freeride. In fact it was more comfortable than my Fusion Freeride! If you have a saddle that seems to be working for you it can always be put on the big wheel.

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The Titan is a great uni. Don’t buy into the square hub sucks talk. If you upgrade the cranks to the nimbus venture 2 cotterless and don’t do 3’ + drops you will not break them.