Advanced Trials techniques

Well, after spending a bit of time learning bike trials, i thought to myself, there are way to little trials techniques, and that i should change that! well anyways, i have thought of two techniques that i use, but i’ve never heard anyone describe.

The first, i call the “Bounce-up” and it’s when you doing a gap, and an up at the same time, and it’s slightly further than what you can hop, so you turn 90 degrees in the air, and then slam your tire into the obstacle, head on. you use your momentum to litterally bounce up the obstacle, and get right on top. the furthest you can hit your tire, is usually a couple inches down on the tread from the furthest point foreward. This is very useful while doing natural trials.

The second i have dubbed the “mondo grab” and this is a pedal grab on an obsacle, where only your pedal fits, but there’s somehting up to 12 inches higher above the pedal hold. What you do is land your pedal, and then do to rubber on the higher obstacle. This isn’t as useful as the bounce-up but certainly is used, and again handy in natural trials situations, that are otherwise undoable.

If anyone else has some trials techniques that they would like to mention, this is the thread to do it! Also, i’ll post some videos once i have some of these techniques.


Seat bounce. You jump up and go into a seat drag position at the same time. Then you use your seat to help catapult you onto an obstacle. Completely conceptual, and probably useless, just interesting. Also, the saddle grab. You jump up seat out, and grab the obstacle with the front of the saddle, then do a 180 up onto the pedal, and then to rubber, also completely conceptual and probably impossible or useless. Later

Pedal kicks are sometimes usefull, where you set up for a gap or something from the edge of an object.

I dont know if they really work too well for me but I’ve played arround with them in the past and can see how they could be used if the technique was better.


What are peal kicks?

when you are hopping, and you rotate your wheel a few inches by giving a quick downward kick with your foreward pedal, which creates foreward momentum. this is usually done slightly by most people, but when exagurated, i’m sure it could prodce some large gaps.
They are taken for bike trials, pedal kicks being the manner to hop foreward, and gap.

At least this is my understanding


didn’t someone invent a ‘seat grab?’ Where you hop and get the seat on an obstacle?

I am curious James, do you read threads before replying? That’s just what gerblefranklin was talking about. The reason I ask is because you asked the same question as me on another thread (it doesn’t matter). I think UNiVERsE has an example of some pedal kicks, when those bikers are hopping between gaps on ledges, they stand on one wheel and kick the pedals a bit, hopping forwards. I’ve heard the bounce up technique described before too, I can’t remember where. Sorry I don’t have any techniques to add, I suck at trials.

When gapping to rails, i find it a big help to SLIGHTLY try to over shoot your landing, so when you land on the rail you are sort of on the back end of your tire. So if you do fall, you will fall over the rail instead of onto it:)


I tried the pedal kick thing after watching this Echo bike trials vid (they have a couple 15-20min vids that you can download for free from but I can’t really do much with it, though I guess some of you good/awesome riders would be able to. Could it be applied to side hops at all? (I mean side hops that are at 45 degrees to the obstacle not perpendicular!) as well as forward hops?

I find pedal kicks to be usefull when trying to gap to a higher object and you can only get your wheel on the ledge of the object. You would then transfer all your weight infront of you and on the forward pedal in order to pedal-kick/hop-climb the object.

Oh, and here’s a trick I find pretty usefull for pedal grabbing onto tall objects: put yourself into a seat-out side-hop position, bend your knees to get ready for the jump and then do just that. Jump as high as you can but not in the same way as if you were gonna hop onto something, just jump as high as you can and your feet should be leaving the pedals for a moment. As you do this, prepare your foot to plant on the side of the object you are trying to pedal grab and then lift the unicycle from under you and use your other leg to slide the pedal under your foot-planting foot.

I find you can get more pedal-grabbing height this way than you could with an ordinary side-hop but it is very inpractical for hopping onto something.

ive been doing biketrials for a while and pedal kicks are the basis of all trials moves, you cant do anything without a pedal kick. ive been trying to include pedal kicks into my uni trials but none of it seems to work, even with the pedal kick you dont really go that far. i think it actually hurts your jump more than anything. i would like to see someone master the pedal kick in uni trials, i just find it impossible.

I was thinking of another technique that I’m sure a lot people use when gapping off the edge of something. When you are setting up for a jump that is pretty far away, get to the very edge of what you are jumping off of. (Example: picnic table) Get so that your tire is right on the edge and use the edge of the (table) or whatever you are jumping off of as a spring. For this to work, you would want your tire inflated a little more. So you can get more spring without bottoming out.
I’m sure a lot of people use this technique, but haven’t written about it.


Sabin, what you described is a a gapping technique right? I use that with a forward lean to get as much spring and distance possible.

Yep, its used when you are gapping to something facing directly forwards.


ok, I know what you mean. You’re using the pointy corner edge of the table to further compress the tyre and give you a better grip. I do that to but it usually comes normally after the leaning bit.

Yeah, I just thought it would be good to bring up on this thread:)


ok i have look at the techniques that Ryan first mentioned and i toooootallly done get them!They sound useful but it would be really nice to see a video.

O i was also thinking about roling seat out hops i can’t see any distance from them but maybe hight???