"Adult" questions for uni'ists from nerve.com

This is an odd one:

I was contacted bc of my club’s website and asked if I could put out a message from an online reporter named Anna Davies.

She is hoping to conduct a 20-question questionnaire with at least a dozen respondants. Only some of the respondants are used in the final product, and only some of their answers. Here is a recent example:


You’ll notice that participants must provide a photo along with their first name. I imagine that a photo of a white-haired guy in a Speedo would do just fine, Greg.

I don’t have the questions yet, but if you think you’d be interested, you should contact Anna:


You need to be 18 or older. You also need to be level 4 or above. Just kidding about that level thing.

Oh, and she’d like to conduct the ‘interviews’ by June 15.

Any extroverts out there?

When I first saw the title and clicked the link I thought it was something by Nirve about cycling. Then I realized the spelling difference and figured out what was up. Nerve and Nirve aren’t the same or even similar. I was, though, expecting something different than what I ended up clicking on.

Best advice on the page:

Thats great!

I read nerve from time to time they have some funny groups give sex advice. I don’t know why I’m shocked to see they asked someone in the RSU forum for an upcoming peice.

Normally I would jump at an opertunity to do a silly interview but my schedule is a bit crazy as of late. If you want you can drop my contact info off though.


I sent her an email. This looks like it could be fun. The sex advice from synchronized swimmers was really funny. I wonder what kind of unicycle-related sex questions they’ll be able to come up with.

I clicked on this thread because I thought it might be an appropriate place to mention that today, on Thursday, an (non-essential) area of my crotch is still numb from last Sunday’s big ride. I’ve never experienced this type of result, but then again I’ve never ridden 43 miles on a flat air seat (plus 29 more with air).

But it isn’t.

Yikes John…maybe you should try some Ben-Gay. That stuff may be just the thing to enliven your senses.

Ouch!!! I think I’d prefer doing a second lap around the lake than riding 43 miles on a flat airseat!

I’ve switched from an airseat to the KH Freeride, and i have to say I don’t miss worrying about maintaining the airseat.

John, i recommend owl beaks.

I had an air seat go flat twice on the same afternoon. That was the last time I ever tried keeping an air seat, tho I’d enjoyed it up till then. Since I couldn’t repair it the 2nd time, I ended up using some extra underwear as the seat cushion, shoving it under the vinyl seat; that helped a lot. Riding with just the regular vinyl over a flattened air seat is death, John. Recover well.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ouch nvr put bengay anywhere near your crotch it hurt some much down there when it starts heating up

Who is this homosexual Ben character anyway?

who says he’s homosexual? maybe he’s just happy. how fast you jumped to the conclusion of homosexuality scares me :wink:

Here’s the final article.

Thanks GILD. Keeping up with threads like this is why you’ve achieved unicyclist god status. :wink:

Loved that one.