Adriens Happy New Year video

Adrien did a little video while his trip to Denmark, you will find the result here:


Enjoy it.

I saw it on facebook. Let him know its awesome, if he doesn’t know already :slight_smile:

does he do a frontflip in it?
can someone youtube it so I can watch it please?

they get a big hug and a pat on the head…

thanks for your compliments, I will forward them to Adrien.
The flash file is ready now so everybody should be able to watch it. You can download the flash file here

Ugh, it’s still way too big for me to download…
could someone PLEASE youtube this so I can watch it?

wow, sickening. he’s the future of street unicycling.

That was pretty nice.

I liked the frontflip on the blow up thing. Sick.

The freestyle, the trail ad the Adriens really cool street style was awesome :astonished: !!!
i like everthing in this video:D:D its one of the best i have ever seen:D

awesome video!!! :astonished: :astonished: :slight_smile:
I like everything :roll_eyes:
the front flip on that springcastle was insane :smiley:

I got it covered.


@Goats_On_Unicycles: can you explain your Problem to watch the video on utv?

Once you’ve watched it, I am going to delete it.

I don’t think it’s anything against UTV, it’s because he has dial up internet, so it takes a lot longer to load videos there. I’m pretty sure that’s why.


Maybe but now you give Adriens video rights to Youtube, even when you delete it, they keep the rights now for lifetime.

Oh well.

What was the the second song?

Jackie watched it while he was at my house a bit ago. you can take it off youtube now, Isaac.

My favorite was that 3spin acid drop.

Hehe i liked the new logo of :stuck_out_tongue: (cause i made it) But the video was insane! :astonished:

Great riding by both adrian and the girl in the gym. Near the end, she did a really nice set of tricks transitioning directly from one to the next.
It looked like adrian did a 720? The front flip was great too.
The only thing I dont like is its a bit long in the flight and driving bits.

Awesome vid.

It was a 900.

Wow that was so cool. I didn’t even notice it was a 900 either cuz he made it look so easy.