Adrien KH 20" promo

The new Adrien KH 20" promo is out, he mount the wheelset on a KH Flash Deluxe frame. YOu can take a look here:

Url: PromoKHFlatFreestyleuni
Video: promokhflatfreestyleuni.wmv

Would it be possible to upload it to vimeo or youtube? I’ve spent the last 5 minutes trying to load it but it always gets stuck.

Let it load all the way, then there’s no issues. Or you could not have a super stable internet connection. Just try again…

Awesome video! His flatland was really great. And the uni, absolutely gorgeous.


or just use the second link to download it.

Was expecting more, ya’know?

Yeah, the only really good thing was the fakie rolliungwrap to backroll sidejump.

Even that, I’m sure he landed within a few tries.

I don’t really see why this would only be considered a flat uni. Wouldn’t it also be good for street and maybe trials if you got a 20" trials tire?

Pele’d probably use it for out9s

Who says I even plan on doing out9s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a given. You’ve already started them, you just don’t know it yet. You’re closer than you think.

Hot vid. The uni looks tight, although I think as a street/flat rider I’d like to stick with my current, versatile setup. I’d definately buy that if I planned to only ride flat/freestyle though. Great job guys.

yea same problem with me. flash player works fine on utv for me but wmp just freezes itself straight away. and i cant download due to slow internet and almost reaching download limit :angry: dam

can you do flips on this uni?

while your sleeping you practice out900 and u dont know it, on your dreams, so when u try it for real ull land it first try! :slight_smile:

===>TRUE FACT<===


@ Emile.m: frontflips?

  • buchi :stuck_out_tongue:

but i meant if flips are harder on this uni or not

Thank you for all comments I get to this video :slight_smile:
Yes this wheel is really nice,good for long flatland combo and for technical combo.
For flips tricks it’s a bit more difficult but you can do it.
This wheel is more nervous than a trial/flat/street wheel.
And like said Any Terrain the bigger tricks in the video is the back wrap roll to backroll side jump, but this video wasn’t made for show big tricks. It’s a video promotion.

If you have some questions, tell me. :slight_smile: