Hi Peter, good fly back to London ?

    I planned to send a mail about Eurocycle, but you've done it before me..

    I wonder if you had spoken with the guy from "MTT Sensation". He had not
    played any match, he had just done the cross. I don't know if he speak
    English. But he was very interested by all the things (match, show
    (great show from the kids), and so..).

    He leads a club with about 50 to 70 people, only doing Mountain Uni
    ! He has riding down from Aconcagua, America higest mountain in 1992
    ! Not exactly from the top, because he find snow at about 5000 m,
    which stop it.

    OK, stop talking, here is his adress for the database : Thierry Bouche
    Maubourg 38760 Saint Paul de Varces Phone: 76 73 21 06

    Payement with foreign currency will sure be a problem. One solution is
    to pay with international Visa card, But will Unicon bank account be
    able to accept such paiement ? AN oother solution is to pay by "Postal
    payement order", wich is possible from every post office here. There is
    an extra charge for the people who payed (and not for the guy which is
    payed), but it's minor. How as it be done for previous UNICONs ?


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