Adopted Giraffe Maintenance

Happy to say that I won my Ebay Giraffe 5 foot Torker Unistar TX and picked it up in Seattle this morning!


I’ve heard about the sprockets slipping and the handedness of the sprocket threading being of issue. I don’t want any equipment related UPDs, so I am looking for suggestions for what I should test for tightness. looseness, what needs to be disassembled and reassemmbled with locktite, grease etc etc.


I cant really tell you anything about maintenance, but congrats on winning the giraffe! I remember you were interestied in it from when i first posted. You got it for a cheap price too.


Hey there, e3.

Thanks for posting word of that auction. I love a deal, especially if it’s something I can hurt myself on. I mean… I’d hate to pay a lot for a broken arm, you see! :slight_smile:


I also wondered how tight the chain should be!