Adjustable Kookas - One Set Left 130mm 150mm 170mm

One set left - $185 Delivered.

Some better pics


if i was to offer a trade, i would need more than just the cranks+shipping for a GB4 LM rim wide frame…if you like, what can you put on top of the cranks?

PS, i hate blue…thats no bargaining chip…if i did get those cranks, i would hope Easy Off oven cleaner would take that anodizing right off…black cranks or maybe silver would have more appeal to me.

Is that a frame something like the Surly Conundrum? Does it have brake mounts? Do you have any pics?

its got magura mounts, it looks just like the black one GB posted in that thread you linked…its a 24"

i’ll take some pic’s soon. first i need to find out if i sould sell it whole or part it out,trade it, keep it or eBay it.

You tease you.

Hi, just wondering, how much do you think it would be to send them to the UK?
I’ve been daydreaming about getting a Coker all day and if I did get one I’d definitely want a pair of those for it.

Looks like about $16 US dollars

nah, its already gone in my mind so im not teasing at all…

(still waiting to be “wow’ed”)

Psssst, hey Euro trash…this thread was dead for a week, then as soon as i express interest, you come snaking in?

Ooh that’s not much, not compared to how much the cranks are anyway. If Jagur doesn’t snap them up I might be after them. Got to get a Coker first though!

Still Available