Adjustable Cranks

Ok, so forget your double-drilled cranks, or even your tripple drilled cranks, I’ve been giving some thought to adjustable on-the-fly cranks recently. I’ve had some ideas, but the best idea I came up with last night was to look at the patents to see if anyone else has beaten me to it.

So, whilst looking, I stumbled across this

I wonder if Kris Holm has looked in to making these?

Oh, seriously though, I know its probably an obvious assumption, but the main forces put upon a crank are when the pedals are in the horizantal position right? Decreasing to virtually zero when they’re vertical?


Like Smokey the GEICO Biker says: Neat!
But the system would have to be made of a semi-solid gas to keep the weight down.

Yes. In both forward & backward mode.

I agree the weight would be too high, plus imaging catching the sprocket to the shin!

Talk about q-factor, I’ve seen better solutions before. Search the forums for crazy cranks.

Here’s an idea for a crank plate. It starts at 170mm and goes around in 10mm increments, all the way down to 90mm. Plate would be aluminum, approx 3/8" thick for threading. The black areas are cutouts, and the circles the pedal holes. This one is for a cotterless hub, but I guess you could do a splined one also.

If you did a crank grab with these, you could continue to ride on the crank itself!

Another view?




I think that that would bend sooooo easily.

+1, would have to be CrMo