Adjustable cranks on eBay

Check out this auction for adjustable cranks, ends Wed. Jan. 11 4:29pm EST:

whoa…those are weird! they’d look sooper weird on a unicycle, methinks.

I heard that adjustable cranks are really great for technical, drop-intensive downhill MUniing. Is that true?

The hub interface seems to be weird too. I wonder if you could fit them at all to any common unicycle. The range is not very large either, at 155 - 180 mm.

(above Klaas)
dought it. id be hard to make one strong enough
plus you really dont need it. if your having trouble desending get a brake or somthing. although im not an expert on the subject

For down hill Muni you’re going to be doing the same stuff all the time, so only one length of crank is needed. Also if it’s very drop intensive you need splined cranks. Adjustable cranks are more useful if for instance, you have to ride several miles on the relative flat to a Muni trial, so you need short cranks for speed to get there, and long cranks once you get there so you can climb and descend steep hills etc.

I sort of get the feeling Badger was joking…

Hmm you may well be right, good point. Also, the cranks are listed as not for outdoor use, seems a little strange.

I’m thinking these are for use at a bike shop for “fitting” correct the cranks to an individual rider.
Just a guess from the context of his description.

They’re ugly
And they look fairly heavy too.

and they say “Not for use outside.”

Right you are. Good bike shops have fitting machines; a reasonable mock-up of a bike frame where every dimension is easily adjustable so they can get a perfect fit for each individual rider before they spend $3000 on a custom titanium frame. These fit machines look at the overall best fit of all the components; handlebar width, handlebar stem length, seat tube angle, seat height, etc.,etc. and (of coarse) crank arm lenght. That’s what these cranks are for. I don’t believe they’d be suitable for any kind of uni riding.

Man, bikes are complex. :astonished:

Yet another reason to ride uni.:smiley:

Yup, the cranks are for a fitting bike. A fitting bike looks like this.

Also note that the description says:

They wouldn’t hold up to unicycle use.

Interesting design though. Might give some people some ideas if they want to make their own adjustable cranks.

Would that be good for technical downhills?

Yes. Yes it would.

Clearly. Profiles are overrated.