Wow, just got back from my first ride with new adjustable cranks on Coker set to 130mm. Huge difference! (What I’m used to spinning is 170mm.) I wasn’t expecting such a radical difference. Seems like a big change in crank length effects nearly every aspect of riding.

I found the shorter cranks made it much harder to free mount. In fact I didn’t succeed once. Part of this seemed to be the reduced torque, part the increased seat height. Reacting to bumps was a bigger challenge; my foot-pedal input for balance took longer. I had more UPDs than normal. Once I nearly sent my Coker into the raging river, saved only by a flimsy bush.

I am kinda blown away by the big difference. After reading so many forum posts about crank length, I guess I had grown to expect a more subtle change. I decided to get the fancy adjustables to see what all the buzz is about.

The shorter cranks also helped me spin more smoothly, maybe a teeny faster, with less wobble. I could see with practice being able to achieve a higher top speed, though with my limited skills and nerve the increase would probably be modest.

I know I will like these new cranks and their adjustability with pedal holes at 130, 150, & 170mm. They are nicely made, seem way sturdy, and are relatively light.

However, after tonight’s ride, it is evident that it will take me a fair amount of Coker practice on the shorter length cranks to attain the very modest skill level I have reached using 170mm cranks.

This experience is yet another that humbles me. Nearly everything I attempt on a uni makes me admire even more you top-notch uni riders.

I know how you feel, I rode a muni witlh longer cranks and I got back on mine, I felt like I was flying along

Sounds like you got the daVinci triple-drilled cranks from Colorado, yes? I have a pair, and they are great!!

What type of cranks are they? I was concerned about the change myself and have been a little hesitant to put on the shorter cranks I have. I watched Reid on his 29 after putting on 127’s, and from freemounting to correcting over bumps he seemed to struggle, when normally he is in complete control. He did get better as the ride progressed, but mentioned the extra effort required to balance etc… He also mentioned the easier spinning.

Hey, what was your source for the adjustable cranks. And how much? $

LiveWire carries these for $220 + shipping. They are 130/150/170mm and look very well made. I haven’t had a chance to test them myself, but Pete Perron vouches for them, so I am confident that they will perform very well.

davinci_3-hole_004 (cropped, small).jpg

daVinci Designs three hole adjustable crank

I have had my coker for a week now and love it. I have 125’s on it right now. I have a pair of 89’s in my shop. would it be crazy to try them on my coker. If so, then I have to try it.:smiley:

Wow, going from 170 to 130 like that is a huge difference. I mostly use 125mm on my Coker (except for offroad where I use 152 or 170). You’ll find mounting gets pretty easy with practice. It’s even no problem with 110mm once you’re used to it. It’s possible to climb some surprisingly steep stuff on 125s too…


Adjustable daVinci Cranks

Yes, my new adjustable cranks are daVincis from Colorado. Same as link provided by John Childs above and appear the same as pictured in U-Turn post. I bought direct through daVinci and the price was $195 plus shipping. It took months to get them and they were very pricey, but I am happy. It is a snap to change pedal holes and crank length. I find it fun to experiment, learn about torque, and have options. WooHoo!

Ok, my error was to not check daVinci’s retail price ahead of time. Their markup is a little low, and I have to pay for shipping to me as well. However, I will price them at $195 as well when sold separately. This way y’all can support a unicycle-specific business, if you like, with no financial penalty.

And of course, these cranks are available as part of a complete uni.

You’re the man Dave. These look very very similar to those I first saw on Daniel Hopkin’s unicycle back in 1999. I think he really liked them and I remember thinking how nicely made they looked.

Adjustable cranks are certainly an awesome idea, almost a nirvana. I’ve tried several designs and haven’t found any I really think are perfect except the ones Ed made for Bronson on his Creative Gecko super-Coker.

I’ve been pretty much “Mr Steel Cranks” lately I guess. Another issue is the lengths. I would really need them to go down to 120 (preferably 110 or even 100) and don’t really care about longer than 150 or 160 since if I need 170, it’s for Muni and I’m ok with a non-adjustable. Anyway, I am very interested to hear feedback on these.


U-Turn, I am glad to know U sell these daVinci adjustable cranks. If someone inquires about mine, I will send them your way. (In case any thread reader wants to connect with U-Turn, I believe his e-mail is: info [at] livewireunicycles [dot] com) Though I’ve only had these daVinci cranks a few weeks, they seem good for uni riders wanting an easy change between 130, 150 and 170mm.


On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 13:06:58 -0500, “halfbike” wrote:

>I have a pair of 89’s in my shop. would it be crazy to try
>them on my coker. If so, then I have to try it.:smiley:

Alas for you, not crazy. Roger Davies has ridden a Coker with 50’s. It
was a joke but he did it for real.

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Brian MacKenzie posted a video some time ago of him riding a Coker with 40mm cranks. I can’t find the thread now, but I seem to remember him saying it was pretty unstable.


Looks like I found it:

You can hardly see the crank in the picture its so small.



On the TWNR DVD, there’s a bonus section showing Brian riding the 40mm cranks and how they were built.

I got my 29" and a onza munii only two days ago (and i love them!), but i also ordered a pair of 114mm cranks and a pair of pedals for my old 20"… but would it make big diference if i put the 114mm on my 20" and the 125 from that on my 20" instead? :wink:

Both are qu-ax alu-cranks…

What do you think of it?
The 20" is for some freestyle and learning new skills, but also lending out to people… Is it harder to learn to unicycle on 114mm instead of 125? is it harder to ride a 29" with 114mm cranks, and how big diference in endurance speed and climbing braking would it be?