Adelaide Ride September 2009

This is a video that Brandon and myself put together when we went for a ride in the city. Features street and flat riding. enjoy :smiley: (vimeo link will be up soon)

nie man i like the video keep it up :wink:

You got all these perfect handrails everywhere! good job.

Nice video boys.

This is a perfect example of how you do not need a top of line camera, you dont need to be the best riders in the world, you dont need to pick music I like, but you can still put in a little time and make an entertaining well made video. good job, keep em comming… work on hopping less.

Yeah I know its the city so there is countless rails. I still can’t do a rolling hop higher enough to get onto the rail. My highest is 65cm at the moment. Once I can roll hop higher I will grind lots of handrails hopefully xD



Well said.

The camera was only $350 where a more of a top line one would cost $700 approx. We are not the best riders in the world xD. Hopping less? I assume you mean hopping in between tricks like the on wheel hops, the 270 - 90 down? :sunglasses:


good video it seems like i watched you jump down those stairs about 50,000 times hahahaahahahahahahaaha at the guy at the end if he didnt want ot touch you, I’ll give you my house!!

Lol 2 of the same clip were repeated, one at the start but it was in slow motion! and then there was an 8 set not a 7 set. Give me your house now. :sunglasses:

decent bruss, good on ya.

Still riding reef?

Yeah nice vid guys. Totally agree with Sam.

not really man, but lately i’ve been feeling like going for a ride. so i’m getting a new tube today. wonder if i can still 360?

nice work guys :slight_smile: 360 hoptwists are getting pretty good brandon, that was a 4 set right? awesome :smiley: very entertaining video.

Of course you will still be able to 360 reef :slight_smile: i saw you do like 39 in a row once!

hahaha, who’s that handsome devil in that video.
ok then i wonder if i’ll be able to tre still…

Haha now there is another question… :slight_smile: did you get that tube yet?

haha, hope i can bust a few moves at my grad. and no not yet, probably monday aye.