Ade Trial 2009

New trial video from Czech Republic

that was awesome. You’re crazy for doing it without any pads on the legs too.

Totally awesome, you own these rails!

i like it soo much!!! i watched it about 5 timese now:p

Cool video, and great skills. Am enjoying the trials videos being posted lately, and this was no exception :slight_smile:

Fantastic! How high were the rail you hopped up?

I don´t know exactly. About 85 cm.

:astonished: i love this video :astonished:
:astonished: that wos great trial :astonished:

wow man, i wish i was that good :slight_smile:

Great video. I don’t usually enjoy trials, bar the top, top riders, but I really enjoyed watching this.

Well done, look forward to seeing more from you.


sick video loved every second of it. I wish I could that stuff. The skinnes were mint.

Also do you have drilled Moments???

So smooth, even the bails :wink:
I really liked the one-legg-skinny standstill
Awesome precision


Thanks all :slight_smile:

Great vid mate. Makes me want to go and ride.