Additional Exercise to Unicycling?

Unicycling is great exercise. Surly the heart, respiratory system, and lower body are in good shape if you do this regularly.

Maybe it’s because I was so far gone shape wise, or my age (days away from 51) is catching up with me, or 40-90 minutes of uni most days just isn’t enough. I’m just not satisfied with my progress. I feel the need to hop higher, roll up steeper hills, and overall build my endurance. (I am still improving, albeit slowly.)

Specifically with hopping and going up hills, I can see that skill requires significant upper body strength beyond riding, I expect that is my weak point. While I don’t want to start doing pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups, maybe that is what is needed in order to get significant improvement.

What are good exercises to improve unicycle skills? What does it take?

Additionally because winter is coming and there will be less chance to get out ride the uni. (I know that is a bad excuse.)

i dont know dude. i myself wouldnt go as far as to start doing workout stuff to help me on my uni. but maybe its a good idea to help you improve.

not a bad excuse at all if you live in ny. the snow can get really bad there. 'specially in syracuse.

how much snow do you guys get there? like in feet?

There are lots of sports that would help with unicycling. Mountain biking is an obvious one, running is a good way to get good fitness but it isn’t for every one.

If you get a lot of snow, what about cross country skiing?

I go mountain biking once a week with a group of others. It makes a big difference exercising with others, as you will push yourself a lot more than you would your self, and the social side of things, makes you go out in weather that you would stay at home.

I go to circuit training once a week as well, as this indoors, it runs all winter, and again you are exercising in company. Circuit training works your whole body, and works on your cardiovascular fitness at the same time.