addition for FAQ: Pedal Bearings

This is in the same format as my other How To pictorials:

It’s for overhauling pedals without sealed bearings.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…Ahhhh digital bliss :slight_smile:


Those are outstanding instructions and clear, bright photos. I like the use of thumbnails to speed it up, too.

Don’t most pedals have locknuts to keep the outer nut that you mention (which has part of the bearing race on it) from tightening or loosening while pedaling? I don’t see how your pedal avoids that problem unless the dust cap also captures the race nut to keep it from spinning. I’ve never seen a pedal with just the race nut.

Another fantastic contribution. Keep it up.

thanks Greg

This is the first pedal I did, and that’s all it had. So this is all I can go on. Although, I have 6 or 8 other sticky pedals to do soon.

I was suprised that it was the nut sitting next to the BB’s though. That didn’t seem right, but it was the same on both ends

Oh, I see what you mean. You wouldn’t need this because:

The spindle is going around and around with the cranks…this is why the pedals would unscrew.

the spindle (and end nut) remain static, in realtion to each other, so no undo-ing of the end nut from pedalling

Excellent! Very clear pic’s and explanations. Thanks Sofa. That is really helpful.


I like how your final… And were done pic is of a different unicycle than the one you were doing matenence on. Its always nice to have the nice display project to show what it would look like in the end. Your just like Marth Stooart without the finacial problems.

Great guide, I’ll probably do this to my new pedas just to make sure they are sound before I relaize oops they needed more greese…


Very nice.
I think you’ll find that the other pedals are different inside. Most unsealed pedals have one bushing and one set of loose ball bearings. Having two sets of bearings in each pedal is a bit unusual, at least in the pedals that I’ve overhauled.

When you overhaul the other pedals you might want to take pictures of their insides so people can see that not all pedals are put together the same way. The overhaul procedure is pretty much the same for most unsealed pedals even though they may be put together slightly differently.

I also like to take unsealed pedals apart in a shoebox or plastic tub so I don’t loose any of the ball bearings or other small bits.

I like the pictures of the Phil Wood grease. It makes up for the lack of Loctite in this series of photos.

Same Unicycle…different pedal

I will post pics of different internals if I come across them

Shoe box/container…noted

Next photo session coming? hmmm. Maybe how to change a tire? I’ll do that this weekend