Adding to my dx

im finnaly gonna buy my dx tomm at UDC outlet shop and what im planning on doin is learning the basics on it. Then im gonna overtime add on to it untill it is pretty much no longer a dx. What is the first few things i should replace on it and how long will the cranks and hub last. One last thing, what should i replace on it to make it lighter? thx :thinking:

First, trim down the seat. Use the search to find out how (though it really isn’t hard)
Second, the frame is going to snap in the near future.
It really depends where you are going: Trials you’ll want a fatter rim.

Replace the frame and seatpost.

I replaced the seatcover first, I hated the one that came with it, rubber sides… chafing.

What rim do you know of that is 48h and is more than 2mm wider than the Alex DX32? It’s not worth upgrading to a Nimbus rim, it’s only slightly wider than the DX32.



buy a kh hub, it’s not going to fit on the current wheel then buy a rim and use your old spokes and you can have a kh wheelset. then a frame i guess.

Get a KH 07 Uni. You skip a step and save alot of money. You want to buy a Dx which is like 250 you buy another frame or anything and its close to 100. New pedals, new tire eventually, it adds up and costs money. If you are planning to go heavy duty get the KH with a luna tire from Bedford. It will save you money in the long run if you plan on upgrading and it wont break.

i have a budget right now of $300 dollars so i cant spring for a KH yet

If you are on a tight budget then don’t replace anything on it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. The DX will last you.

Sorry, but that would just be stupid. The DX hub is insanely strong. I only know of one person EVER twisting the axle, or breaking a crank. That was Cody, and if you don’t know about Cody, then let me tell you he will break any unicycle part that comes into his little hands. Also, the DX32 rim is one of the strongest mod rims out there. You aren’t going to bust it.

Yeah the DX will last quite a long time. If i were you though i would save up for the KH its only like 160 more. The dx probably wont break on you except small things like pedals and seatpost eventually. But I would definitally be alot happier with a KH for only 160 more. But what ever theres nothing wrong with the DX now that they fixed the frame.

if you can break a steel DX seatpost, you can break an aluminum KH post.

but anyways, you aren’t going to break the new frame, i don’t care what you do to it. Take good care of the uni and she will last a long time
but as for replacing parts, the seat will break, get that first.

yeah, the seat will probably break first, as the stiffener plate is plastic, but so are all the velo seats (KH, the DX seat, maybe the koxx seats, not sure). So, what ever you do, its going to break. Dont worry about things breaking, they wont, dont worry (for awhile anyway).

What? No. The stiffener plate is not plastic, it’s metal. The seat base is plastic though.

oh, yeah, i was really not thinking about that, you know what i meant, the stiffener plate is metal

what the heck?
the stiffener plate is METAL!!! it is inside the seat, the bolts go in it instead of being in the plastic because they rip out of the plastic SUPER easily.

edit: just read the posts above mine.

i know, chill, i was just not paying attention to what i was writing

I have never disected a DX seat but I don’t think it has a metal seat stiffener based on my experience with a KH seat.
maybe I am blind and the KH and DX seat both have metal stiffeners though

Here is my 10 cents. If you are on a budget, only learning the basics right now, and are planning on upgrading immediately; you might consider just getting the $180 Nimbus trials uni. I have a DX myself, and have ridden both (I test rode the Nimbus they have at the retail store/warehouse). The Nimbus is lighter and I havn’t heard of anyone busting the Nimbus II frame either. See, then you could have a strong and lightweight Uni frame, and you can use the $80 you saved to go toward a KH Moment Crankset and Hub…which you can lace to the Nimbus rim you will already have. Also, I personally find the Nimbus saddle more comfortable than the DX saddle, so you wouldn’t have to worry about cutting and chopping right after purchase. If you are just now learning the basics, then the square tapered hub and crankset will last you till you have the money to build up the stronger wheel.

Smart man.

EDIT: The Nimbus on is 48h… can’t upgrade to a Moment hub and crank set.