Adding a photo.

How do I put a pic in my post?

Re: Adding a photo.

The two ways I know are to attach them and to use the IMG button. Attach works for only pic per post, and the pic should be a JPG or GIF for it to show in the post. If you have more then one pic, use the IMG button. For that, the image must already be online somewhere, and you just copy the image’s url into the little popup window.

I hope that helped.

Yeah i tried copying and pasting into the image thing but the image was just a red x.

Check out this thread in the Test Forum for info on how to link to an image using the IMG tag. Use the Test Forum for practice adding images to a message.

The easiest option is to attach a picture to a post. If you attach a JPG or GIF file the image will be displayed at the bottom of the post. The only “trick” with attaching a file is that if you hit the “Preview Reply” button the forum software will forget about your attached file and you’ll have to re-enter the file name in the attach file box. The other only trick is to not attach a BMP image. A BMP file will not be displayed. Use JPG or GIF instead.

the other thing might be that the location from which you are copying your image may be able to block it. I have had trouble with when I tried to post an image from an address there, once. So, maybe that is the problem.

Try the tips, as stated above and from the image test thread, but with a different picture. Maybe link to something in the gallery first.

good luck

No I was just linking to the website of my picture…I forgot the .jpg part of the address. thnx for the pointers all.