Yes if only they would stop logging it all and turning it into plantations.
I was at cradle just last week, took a wrong turn on the way to school… i walked the overland a few years ago and it is something i would never forget. Although the road that leads to it is now barren and logged, but dont get me started. There is so many wilderness places here, ive been here just on ten years and have not even seen half of it.

Um, actually weight plays a huge role in MUni. Riding up steep hills will certainly make you wish for the lightest uni possible, not to mention any gapping (across rocks, streams, etc.) that you do.

Not to me, the heavy uni hasnt differed my gapping or climbing abilities at all, it was a little weird going onto a 24, but not by much. With a lighter one, I would feel like I can climb better and gap farther, but the difference made made shedding a pound or two isnt enough to make a difference for me.

MUni is addictive :P. I would rather do trials on a 24" than MUni on a 20", and most people around here will agree with me on that. Get a 24" unless you really want to do trials a whole bunch more than MUni. Of couse, you can always get the 24" and a trials later :slight_smile: .

Or anyone have an old one to sell in the Aus area?

Depending on the trails you ride (flat, hills…) you may want to consider a Coker. It’s way faster, pretty well as versatile, and it’s great for street riding too. If not, then a 24 inch wheel will do great.

Roger at UDC UK built i think 30 carbon munis, and 2 carbon giraffes. They’re very light but not all that strong, and because carbon is brittle the tubes are suceptable to damage by chipping. Roger wraps the frames of his during transit to stop scratches or cracking which can lead to a growing crack failure. Carbon is good, but it’s not a wonder material and it is more suitable to a monocoque construction than slender tubes.

but…why people would get CF seat base if carbon fiber isn’t strong ?

Depending on how you build carbon fiber it can be very strong or pretty weak, stiff or somewhat flexy.

hmmm… what if you made a torker AX style frame from carbon fiber?
wouldn’t that be awesome?
then put a layer or 10 of epoxy resin(which would be better to use anyways)

on the unis made a while back, what resin was used? (as in polyester or epoxy)

all that time and i just bought a muni! Gap 24" muni and i cannot wait for it to arrive :slight_smile:

sweeet!! go muni!