Addicted ?

It’s been 2 days that I cannot unicycle… and It is so borning now that I cant uni ! I think I am addicted to unicycling . So what about you guys how long did you go without unicycling (else then winter)

I broke my leg in desenber and had a cast on till april…it sucked so hard!

I didn’t ride all summer due to a sprained ankle :frowning:

I did some distance on my Coker, but I’m a trials/muni rider so I’ve been in withdrawl.

It sucks.


Never anything longer than 2 week, I would go mad!

The sad day when I get too hurt to ride, God knows what I’ll do!

Re: Addicted ?

Some addict!

Since I started almost 4 years ago, i have not had one week without a ride I bet

I just went for two 2.5 hour rides yesterday