Hi all!

Here’s another new vid. I named it “Addicted” because after such a short time of 3 months riding Muni I am completely addicted to it as well as to making videos about it.

Comments especially about editing (what’s good, what’s not so good, some tips) are very appreciated. It will help me to improve (another reason for making lots of videos).

And here’s the vid:

Great video, and riding! Like that transition from a bump to the drop, with the music.

After seeing the flawless riding it was good to see the outtakes an the end. Human after all.

Nice video, Rise Against is awesome.:smiley:

I thought that all the different camera angles were unnecessary at some points, but other than that I enjoyed it. Keep it up:)

nice work. are doing all your muni on a 20"?

Another great video From The Woods … literally :smiley: !!! Nice one, enjoyed that :slight_smile:

Yeah, there were a few times where I didn’t realize that it was supposed to be a continuous line because the angles seemed so different and the terrain was hard to recognize. But, I do think it is good practice doing all those clips like that, it gives you a feel for what works to your artistic end, and you will improve much more quickly when working so many angles.

Interesting freeze - crossfade transition. Keep trying new things like that.

Your MUni movie making shows significant progress already. I don’t want to give too much specific advice on shots because it is about personal style, and you are already on the way to finding yours.

Thanks for all your comments so far.

I think I am not nearly as good as it seems to be on the vid. For many of those clips I need uncountable tries to do them well.

Memorising that. After watching the vid numerous times I have to agree. I mainly did this because I wanted to create the illusion of speed because sometimes it’s really hard to ride fast on a 20" wheel.

Unfortunately, yes. I already own a 24" uni but after 3 weeks a spoke broke and it seems to be impossible to get a replacement for those “special” spokes somewhere here in Austria.

You know, like squirrels I love trees :smiley:

I already thought about the problem with realising the continuoues lines. But it is very difficult to “decide” when it is recognisable and when not because I know when they are continuous. And yes, I think making this vids on my own is the best training for uni technique as well as for fitness. Running up the hills and riding down for up to three ours is very exhausting, but FUN :wink:

By the second and third viewings it was beginning to link up and make more sense, so I can see how hard it is to try and see it for the first time when you already have it figured out.

All this 20"ing will make your first 24" video even more enjoyable!

Oh, there already exists a vid with my 24". This was my first uni vid which I made for the Muni Video Comp and so it isn’t released yet. But in my opinion I have learned so much since then that a new vid would be even better.