Addicted to Muni

While my mtn bike was in the shop, I bought a KH Freeride to pass the time. Two weeks on the Muni and I’m not sure I want the bike back!!! Spent almost 7 hours on it this weekend including 3 with Terrybigwheel in Woods Canyon above Laguna. He’s very inspiration to try stuff and brings his video camera for that “Kodac Courage”!!
Everyone we meet is very amused and interested including Lisa, a lovely pro downhill mtn biker looking for something to train on to relieve boredom. We think she might be a convert.
Just so you know, Terrybigwheel is a nut!! As we were rolling along, we saw a 3 foot rattle snake laying in the road. So we stop to check him out and Terry walks over and picks him up by the tail, ala Crocodile Hunter! I was stunned and the snake was pissed. He gently tossed the snake in the bushes so he wouldn’t get run over.
Anyhow, lovin’ the Muni!

Awesome. I’m not very good at muni yet but every since I learned to ride a uni, my bikes have been gathering dust in the garage. I went from putting 3,000 miles a year on my road bike to maybe 300 now. Can’t say that I ride the uni that many miles but I do ride it every day.:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you saw it yet, but I posted yesterday (Sunday) about our ride and also a link to the video! The video has already been viewed 75 times! It’s probably now on page 2, but here itis: New Muni Video from "Rockit" Tail in Laguna! :smiley: :smiley:

:astonished: :astonished:

so u bought a $520 u7nicycle just to use while ur bike was in the shop wow u must be rich

Glad to hear it

The funny thing is, anyone who can ride a unicycle and also mountain bikes will at some point taste MUni and never go back to two wheels again.:smiley:


I don’t know that I’ll never mountain bike again, but the thing I love about muni in relation to mountain biking is that muni distills the technical and endurance aspects that make mountain biking so much fun while displacing the speed aspect that makes mountain biking so dangerous.

Compared to a mtn bike, the Muni is cheap!! I paid close to that just for my pedals on the bike. I think good quality sports equipment is worth the money for the joy and safety.

$500 for pedals?! Are they really 5 times more joyous and safe than $100 pedals? :wink:

Nice! I barely ride my bike like at all because unicycling is so much better in my opinion. I might maybe go 20 miles on my bike each year now when i used to ride to the park and stuff but now it’s all about my unicycle.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, but they are titanium and only 190 grams. Since I don’t have kids to share my toy money with and don’t gamble or chase women(anymore) I guess my vice is nice sports equipment. It’s not like yachting or airplanes. And someone is out there spend $1800 on Unis! I’ve seen the ads.

Alas, I still ride my mtn bike sometimes. Went last Friday with my friend Josh, who does not uni (yet, I’m working on getting him to). On the trail would not have been so bad, but the ride to the trail would have taken a long long time. Sometimes for other’s sake, you have to take 2 wheels.

Of course, we found a new trail, and now I’m dying to get the muni out on it :smiley:

I have two words to say about that…

Scott Bridgeman

OK, you got me. :astonished:

But, i’m sure there are a ton of mountain bikers that don’t turn back once they hit the trails on there MUni.

I won’t use mine unless I have no choice.


the speed of mtn. biking is what makes me keep doing it, there isnt anything quite like it. but since i have started to muni, i must admit that i muni more than bike.