hello every body

just to aware you the new ADDICT unicycles brand web site will be online tomorow !

you will discover the ADDICT team with cool pictures, wallpaper to download, the 25 minuts video clip of our Trial road trip this summer, and of course informations about our new range of products.

We hope you will enjoy this new web site!


yeah!!! so good!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t access it. I keep getting this: (I have no problems loading other pages.)




We are looking forward to this, we are going to be the official distributor in Norway and cant wait to see this products in person.

Still can’t access the website at all. I even tried both firefox and IE, and also disabled my firewall (temporarily to see if that helped) and exited my virus program…still nothing. Keeps saying the “connection was reset”. What’s up with that? I can access any other website with no problems. :thinking:


Tomorrow, Terry, tomorrow.

Looking forward to it.


edit: beat me to it Turtle, but he didn’t notice Sam’s (agentQ) reference to it, so maybe he didn’t pick up on your huge red letters.

Still 2 hours to go till its the next day over here :wink: Relaaax :smiley:

Edit: beat by turle and kevin… haha

Haha, yeah, I thought it was already up, so my bad. :o

Can;t wait.

The ADDICT web site is online now!!! :astonished:

“Group Side Hop” is my new backround. :slight_smile: The website looks really nice. Quick question, did somebody say something about Addict selling seats with CF bases already installed? I thought I remembered something about that but they aren’t on the website or listed in renegadejuggling’s catalog.

Video was amazing. Best trials in the world minus Max Schulze.

looks good

ive been waiting so long for addict and its finally here!! looks really good!

Is it just me or does the video not play that well.Its a bit jerky for me

Congratulations, it’s great to see so many new parts.

However, the website itself is a huge disappointment. I think it is very unprofessional to only have a flash-version available which breaks lots of standard functionality. For example the font in the menu bar is very small, really hard to read on my screen. So I tried to zoom in, but that of course does not work because it is all in flash. Website navigation is also broken. It is not possible to get direct links to products, and the browser back-button is broken as well. These things could be easily fixed by using fragments and a little bit of JavaScript :angry: Google will also be unable to index your page, so that means no Google search traffic for you (people searching for addict parts will not land on your page). And of course all devices without flash support (like the IPhone) can’t view anything.
And why do we have to use this crappy magnifying glass to look at product details, why can’t I just get a large picture? :angry:

Yoggi, I’m well aware that you are a unicyclist and not a web designer :), but I would really recommend hiring a better web designer in the future. Jc Bourdin seems to only have competence in the graphic design area (the site looks very nice). At least the site is an improvement compared to the K1 page, with all its obnoxious animations and swuuuushhhhh-sounds :wink:

very nice :smiley: