Added to my collection

Yay…my first succesful kick-up mount! So far, this has been my most difficult mount…other than, of course, the first mount


The trick is…drink beer, wear sandals, and be in your living room



  I have been working on kick ups as of friday, but I was unable to get one now I know why. I was doing none of thoes things. I might have to start drinking just to get a kick up or 2

Congrats on the new move its a good one to add to the bag o tricks.


I’ve tried to do kickup mounts for a total of about 15 minutes but I haven’t gotten anywhere at all. I just can’t get the seat up there. It seems like I have to use heaps of force to life up the seat…is this normal or should I try to lean over a bit more?

Congratulations on your new trick!
Andrew Carter

Presumably the person in the background is there to attempt to rescue any valuable items before you crash into them…?


Phil, just me

What I noticed…
-The foot that’s up doesn’t need to touch the crank at all. It seems like it was half on the pedal, half off (the higher up it is the more leverage, I guess)

-The further over to the left I leaned at the start, the more of an arc the uni made (so it felt like) when I stepped up

-I didn’t notice myself doing anything different from the times the uni just made it up then fell over.

-This is the one trick so far that seems 5 times harder on the 26"r, the 20" just flips up. I haven’t tried the 26"r since I landed the 20"r though


Think about the pedal/crank foot like you are going to be balancing on the pedal- which you are. Sounds obvious, but might be a bit un-intuitive; at first you will be balancing solely on this pedal as your center (which is a bit simmilar to a crank-down mount). This conceptualization was a break-through, for me.

With the kicking foot under the sadle, try to kick yourself in the ass. Be aggressive about it- swift. You’ll do this at the same time as you step up over the pedal with the other foot. If the sadle tends to fly between your legs, it’s too low- if you feel victemised, it’s too high.

Send pictures.


Hey, again:

I broke up nother afternoon of WW practice by trying to off foot kick-up mount. VERY eye opening- actions I wasn’t even aware of stand out. Interestingly enough, my favored foot mounts are stronger now that I understand the process better.

First, with both feet in place, weight begins on the kick foot; this should naturaly place your kick foot shoulder in line with the kick foot, and a little swept back. You then ‘leap’ (shift) your weight over to crank/pedal foot; with a bit of natural tension developing in the now extended kick up leg under the sadle, it will allready start to rise a bit as the cycle is pincered between your extended feet. It is critical that the weight shift to the crank peddle be aggressive- otherwise, the taunt kick up foot leg will not have enough energy to start the sadle moving without an effort. Once it starts it’s way up, the kick foot has a much easyer job.

I’m not sure if that clerifies anything, but I feel better now- don’t you?


update: my 26r has now been kick-up mounted :slight_smile: (by me)