Added another wheel today.

I added another wheel into the arsenal.
Here’s the specs on it… I spent about 5 hours out on the new ride tonight. There was a nice cycling event going on in downtown Orlando so I didn’t get hassled while riding all night. I need to dial in the brakes and the front fork… I hopped back and forth a few times between this and the Summit. Riding this thing has helped “balance” me out on the Summit. I noticed myself riding in a lot straighter lines and with a good bit of more control.
Got a pretty good deal on this thing too…

I couldn’t open the link to have a look at your new ride. Now you’ve got me wondering and… Give us a good link. --chirokid–

Just for you Keith.:smiley:

Sweet ride, thanks for the pic Bugs. Question: Why are those two unicycles connected together with that weird assortment of bars? :smiley:

Nice bi_e Accord. --chirokid–

if you(Summit) put on some drop-bars, (Summit) raizied the seat,lowered the bottom bracket,increased the high (Summit) gear ratio,put on thinner tyres (Summit) and added a rigid would have a nice steet byke there.

better link

Thanks Jagur, that link works for me. --chirokid–

If I put on a DJ II and put a Chris King headset on… well I’d have a pretty good urban assault / mountain bike. Which is what it’s intended purpose is.

careful now, you could fall and hurt yourself.

I’ve already broken my neck on a bike, I’m not that worried.

I think it’s nice, but it would be better with an Xtracycle attachment on it.


Noooooooooo! get the bike off the thread!

nasty things two many wheels… (i know i know bad joke sorry but couldn’t resist it :stuck_out_tongue: )

i remember.

when people ask me if unicycling is dangerous i say " well i know one unicyclist who broke his neck" people’s jaws drop, then i tell them, “but he did it on a mountain bike”

unicycles are safer, i’m actualy a bit scared of bikes, they go too fast.

My Bike :slight_smile:

A higher res picture is in my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery


Whoops, Iwas about to say “what is that, a 5 year old schwinn?” And then I looked at the high res picture, no, it doesnt look bad at all. Unless im thinking of the pricetag.

Yeah. The retail on this thing is pretty high, but still worth the money. As most of you posters who’ve recieved Profile cranks from me… I NEVER pay retail.

i graduated from those.

when im riding i tell people to loose the extra wheel. some people laugh some people just look at me funny.

If you’re going to use the B word, please censor yourselves… some of us just dont want to hear that kind of talk. B*kers… think they’re all bad with their… two wheels…

anybody spot the family guy reference?