Add-On Game...For Trials Riders!

So this is a take on the add-on combo game that I think Spencer started a long time back. The twist is that this is for trials riders. Each rider will film one line consiting of first a hop up, and then a gap, all in one shot (no filming the up and then filming the gap in a different place). I do realize that in street like in the other add-on game there are infinite ways to combo the tricks. Not so in trials. The person who hops the highest and gaps the farthest who no one can beat is the winner, and the game ends. Here are the rules:

  1. Each consecutive person must add on at least 1" to the hop and 1" to the gap for it to count

  2. At the begining of the clip, you must use a measuring tape or ruler or something and film it showing how big the hop is and how far the gap is

  3. If you’re nice you’ll include the hight in both imperial and metric, but you don’t have to measure it in both HOWEVER this is not required

  4. You must actually land the up and the gap, not just get your tire on it

  5. You can use either SIF or seat in, which ever you prefer

I’ll start us off very small at 11"(28cm)height and 36"(91.5cm)distance:

this is bad because not many people have that many different, level things to hop up.

Many people have pallets. And if you don’t I’m sure most trials riders have a couple of ledges that they know that they can add a couple pieces of ply wood to even it up. I’m not forcing anyone to do it anyways…

Haha, it sounds pretty sketchy, but if it doesn’t work who cares. It’s all fun anyway.

So basicly it’s just a hight + distance contest right? So if Ryan Atkins is the first person to go, then the game is over allready?

Yeah, I should have put in the rules this:

  1. Ryan Atkins can’t come in here and blow us all out of the water with a 3 1/2 foot up and a 6 1/2 foot gap:p

isn’t the world record gap more like 9 feet? casue i can do 7 feet on a good day…

Rolling or static?

Yeah, he’s probably talking rolling, because I heard strait from Ryan’s mouth (acctualy fingers) that his personal best was in the low 7’s, static.

static… maybe i am mesuring wrong… hmm… i will have to mesure again. no way i am matching ryan.
i will try to mesure tommorow

Are you sure you’re gapping flat to flat. Becuase for approx. every foot I drop when I gap that is how much is added to my distance. Example: I am gapping 5 feet, and there is a drop of 5-6 feet, I could probably gap 9-10 feet.

yep i am sure it’s flat… i know i can do like 6 and half with like a half foot up (from the take off up to the landing).

So what do you say we get back on topic and someone tries to beat me? Or am I the world champion with an 11" side hop and a 3’ gap?

can i gap then hop
cuz then i would have a chance
we should get hop height and distance in metric for you guys good and multiply them together
we have to be allowed to have 2 videos
I have NO pallets
i have an awesome gap
and nothing to jump onto anywhere NEAR a gap!

Alright, hop up and gap can be in seperate clips, gap can come first.

ok, i have a 27" up (this is today) and 7 feet off of it (thats being really conservative)

And this is the problem with the game…

With the one I made all the tricks were done on flat so there were no problems like that.

The reason I said gap had to be flat to flat is becuase usualy droping while gapping adds quite a bit of distance. O yeah, your guy’s point is taken. This was a crappy idea.
the gap at the very beginning is about 3" down and 9’4"
over the skateboards is 17" or more

Im talking static gaps. Didnt I say that? Whatever. Clearly this isnt working.

At least your tried;)