Add 16 inches of vert....

…in about two weeks? Does anyone have any tips? I plan to enter the unicross world championships and though I expect to finish in roughly last place, I think it would be very stylish to bunny hop the barriers, which are around 16-18". As of today, I can hop about 2-3 inches. Anyway to shorten my learning curve?


ride, and practice long jumping until it becomes regular, then your learning curve COULD let you hop those in 2 weeks, depending how long have you been riding, how fast you learn, how long you have been jumping … tons of variables, but it is POSSIBLE… think of making a sideways V … as in < and making it straight as fast and smoothly as possible

bear running through the barriers

here is a shot of a bicyclist running through the barriers in last week’s race.
…no that’s not honey in his glass either.