Adaptation... Made with Sony Vegas 8.0

Hey, this is my first real movie with Sony Vegas 8.0 pro.

Rider is Jacob, ( Jaco_Flans )

Music, Charles Wright - Express yourself.
Editing By me.

Leave feedback, lots more to come…

I liked it, but I felt almost “claustrophobic” with the camera being so close! At least a few longer shots would be nice. :slight_smile: Oh, and was there more than one rider? Hard to tell since most shots were from the waist down, but at least one rider (1:05) sure didn’t look like a “kid”, lol!

Ill make sure to get shots from farther away.

Ill take note for longer shots.

There was Only Jacob, And hes 14, just like me.

Thanks though :slight_smile:

Haha my apologies to Jacob. That’s the one shot was far away so it was hard to see, lol. My bad. But you and Jacob have great skills…That I wish I had!:smiley:

Your awesome Terry. I’m a big fan of your vid’s…

Did he change his sif hopping during the making of the video
Some clips he hopped towards the object w/ his jumping hand closest to it and sometimes w/ his hand away.
Really cool video though. I was entertained all the way through.
What exactly did you do in Vegas that you couldn’t have done in Imovie or windows movie maker though? Or were you just testing it out

Jacob pedal grabs a certain way and goes to rubber the opposite way…

As for what I did with the editing, I was only trying a few things out…


Haha thanks. I look at your vids as something to aspire to! I’m just not getting any younger so it will be that much more of a challenge, lol!:o

hehehe… i really like that vid. Nice music and i’m a good rider! :sunglasses: