Ad with unicycle for!

Has anyone else seen the ad for that has a unicycle riding across it? Below is the screen shot of it that I saw as I was reading a yahoo news article. It was so suprising to see a unicycle just roll across my screen…Yet the ad has no reference to a unicycle, I think it’s just to catch people’s attention.


I posted it in the Just Conversation forum: Unicycle in a Flash ad. I included a zip file of the SWF file so you can replay the ad.

Those ads are just designed to have movement that gets your attention. The animations are not relevant to the subject of the ad.

Oh, sorry. I did a search for but nothing came up. Oh well.

No harm. It is an ad that will get the attention of a unicyclist. Not exactly a big market to go after.

I probably should have posted it in RSU, but at the time I didn’t feel it worthy of an RSU post. It’s not a particularly good unicycling animation.

On the subject of unicycle ads, here’s one my parents cut out and posted on my bedroom door…I got a laugh.

Here’s a closeup of his unicycle. Notice anything wrong?

they’ve got lollypop’s???

Well, yah, that’s one thing. The thing I noticed was that there’s no seat-post clamp. So, either he’s riding the uni backwards, or something. Apparently the people thought it would make the ad ugly.

Yeah, that looks like the same crappy design as my first unicycle. The lollypops go into a tube and there are two bolt going through it sideways. Since they contact a rounded surface, they don’t distribut pressure they way they should, and eventually the frame breaks where the bolts are.

Kind of looks like John Foss from behind.

One thing, judging by the angle of the unicycle, he is about to fall over to the right?

his foot is off the left peddle