Actual uni *backflip*

Just found this; pretty cool. Never seen it done before on solid ground and not a trampoline.

awe damn i though he was gonna stay on th uni

Now THAT would be a trick…especially if it was landed! I wonder if that’s ever been done…I kinda doubt it because the natural tendancy of the backflip is to end up back of where you started. Notice the uni went forward as he dismounted backwards. So unless you could also move the uni backwards at the same rate and have it stay vertical while you are in the air-and completely off the uni-would be a feat!

Yeah lots of people have done that.

Well, relatively lot of people…

Have any landed it??? And can you give the links to the videos of all the other ppl who have done it…if there are any.:smiley:

He is talking about the backflip dismount.

oh ok. Yeah I found another and this one’s more cleanly done:

haha he applauds himself!

i have the flips down but I am nervous about landing back on the uni because I land in almost exactly the same spot. I am just not sure if I can get a good set jump off of my unicycle. Grass is more friendly than a metal frame if anything goes wrong.

raaaaa misleading thread title sooo bad!

Indeed, missleading :frowning:

I thought to myself, Terry you crazy cat what have you done now?!?!

Haha, i never in my wildest dreams could/would try that! I’ve never even tried that without a uni invloved lol!:o

I saw that one yesterday. Now let’s see him grind a 7 set! :roll_eyes: