Actual Summit Seat Post ID

So I am looking around to buy a shim for my summit frame because I lost the old one and I don’t know the exact ID of the seat post tube. I know it is around 29mm…Here is one from Price point and the options are 27.2 converted to 28.6, 30.9 or 31.6mm. Which is the closest that would work?

Edit, speedgoat bicycles has even more options Here is a link. I still don’t know what size to get though.

Oh and one more thing. You guys that have summit frames you can take out the shim and read what is written on it, I think I remember that it actually says the size on it…I just don’t remember what the size is.
Thanks! :sunglasses:

And the answer is: 27.2 - 29.4

Thank You!

youre welcome… oh you were talking to pdc