Action Unicycles

Hi…i’m new to this whole unicycling thing. I bought an Action unicycle from bike shop when something sparked my interest…i’ve learned how to ride and hop fairly well. After learning how to hop onto the pedal, and then up to the wheel on a high surface, i’ve noticed that my pedals are unalligned and one of them is completely bent. I guess i didn’t buy the correct unicycle for the kind of things i’m into doing. I guess i’m refering to freestyle? My unicycle seems pretty strong and durable…but i don’t know anything about them. My question is i guess…where can i find a very durable and sturdy unicycle that won’t fall apart when jumping from high heights and grinding etc…and is there anything i can do to fix my unicycle?

where do you live??

i’d say a torker DX

i live in suffern, NY…its about 40 miles north of NYC. But right now i’m in school at University of Oswego…in Oswego, NY. i ride to my classes, haha

The riding you described is trials, and street.

The Torker DX is a great cheap trials uni, and will hold up great for street too. I have one and it has been holding up extremely well, even with 8 foot drops done on it.

Dont worry if anyone comes here and says stuff about the frame braking, because they fixed that in the newer versions.

There is also the nimbus hoppley, witch is 365 dollars, but a lot stronger, and lighter.

Or you can go all out and buy the KH uni for just under 500 dollars. Which is one of the best, IMO.

thanks for the quick feedback…just to make sure, is this the unicycle that you are all talking about?

No, they are referring to also known as UDC on the forums.

EDIT: Sorry I misread your post i thought you were asking about the website. Yes that is the unicycle they are talking about although there is a slightly updated version that just came out with a reinforced frame, has it but im not sure if that site does.

k thanx…i’m contemplating whether i should go ahead and buy it…or wait til christmas or something lol…i might as well ride the one i have now until it falls apart

Is this the correct model…because i’m hearing a lot about this “old model frame issue”?

That is the old model, but I think the frame breaking only happens when riding really hard. If it snaps, I think torker will send you a new one free.

action? sounds like one of those cheap brands.
yeah, sounds like you’re coming along pretty well!
i concur, you definitely need a torker DX, it will stand up to most anythign you can throw at it. it can be found here.

No, unfortunatly, you have to pay shipping to send it to them so they can decid if it was the manufacturer’s fault. If the frame does break, you can just buy a cheap $42 nimbus frame.

get the new 07 model because the old ones do break. yep. my friend’s and mine broke after a while and we were only jumping 6 sets and both broke when we were trying to jump. The welds really suck. I would get the new KH if i didnt have a good one already but you probably dont need it and it is expencive.

even if you get a old one, dont worry about it breaking unless you are progressing THAT fast. I learned trials on it and it hasnt broken yet