Action Man / GI Joe: Where's your other wheel?

Animation featuring Action Man.

Another animated figure “The Uni Dude” was thrown out by wife, after he fell in the toilet while making the last video so he won’t be back in a while, but old videos can still be seen:

Love it! I suppose Barbie it too stiff to unicycle. GI Joe sure is talented. :wink:

The other day I saw a YouTube video of a bicycling robot and was wondering if there’s a unicycling robot. Your video reminded me of that.

Awesome video. Maybe UDC should start selling flame throwers.

That is hilarious! How long did it take to make this video?

Thanks for the kind comments. Not sure how long it took. I had to move the figure aprox. 100 times to get all the frames, and then I digitally removed the rig and wires manually from each frame in Photoshop. I am planning on getting better software which will allow me to control focus and exposure manually (to prevent unsharp images and flickering) plus get higher resuluton and a rig removal tool. The software I’ve been using so far is really ment for kids.

This one made by Stefan Buchele is great:

Really good short :smiley:

That’s video from Stefan is really cool. I’ve always enjoyed that style of video, but just don’t have the patience for doing it myself (not to mention the skill set for having turn out interesting if I did have the patience).