"Action" brand unis?

Hey all-

Last nite I rode my Torker 24LX to my LBS (local bike shop) for some gel seat cover research. They had a 20" Uni with the brand name “Action” on it. Ever heard of these? It had a really fat tire, but non-splined cranks and a price of US$140+. It handled beautifully, one thing I did there was hop on it better than I ever have before - but I guess that’s a 20" thing.

They were delighted to have someone test ride it, and said lots of people asked to ride it, but they always replied “No, you don’t understand…you can’t just get on and ride, you have to know how to ride a unicycle.”

AFAIK, no other uni riders even live around here, or at least ever asked to try it.

Anyone ever heard of “ACTION” unis?

I don’t know about Action, I just googled it for ya, but can’t really find anything usefull on em… what I do know is, I bought my first unicycle at the local bikestore, and they also had a ‘mountain unicycle’ in their catalog, (just a standard unicycle with a fat tire really) btw, this was COSMUS, some random japanese brand I think… Anyway, I don’t think it’s too good, the fat tire’s gotta be okay, but if you try massive hopping youll just bend the hub and all that, best buy a good uni at once.

Thanks. I wasn’t considering buying it. I’ve got a cheap 24" and a KH29, too. When/if I ever buy another uni, it’ll be a nice 20", with splined hubs at least.

I googled it too, and found almost nothing. That’s why I was asking here.

I have an action 20"

hoboarchery@yahoo.com I bought one from the local bike shop. I am new, but think it is very nice. I just added a KH saddle with a lift handle and have been hopping a little with it. I love the big tire, it is easy to ride and easy to mount compaired to my 24" Torker. I paid the same $139. I would like to get a 24" action uni.

I wandered into the local bike shop the other day and saw for the first time one of those Sun unis with the 4" tire. Bright red rim. Very attractive. I rode it for a minute, and I guess if you were just fooling around it’d be okay. It’s all for looks as far as I can tell.

Anyone else fiddle with one yet? There’s probably a whole thread on this that I missed…