Acrylic paint?

Anyone here else use acrylic paint on a uni?

Will this do anything negative to the frame?
I figure it will wear very easily, but I still think it’d be cool.

It wouldn’t do anything negative as such, but it will wera straight off as soon as anything goes near it or if a bug breaths on it! Also, it could get pretty messy if you’re out on ur uni and it starts to rain. You’d be just as well to buy a spray can or get car touch up paint if you want to do it by hand.

I’ve never done this, but I would suggest you try this:
take the frame off (obviously) and paint the acrylic, presumably cool designs, then spray on several thin, even, perfect layers of clear enamel for some durability. if you have the cash, you could just get little jars of enamel paint from a hobby store, which will be a little more durable.

If you use a brush it won’t look good.

You could get a spray gun like this. Good for all sorts of smaller jobs. A bit much IMO if it’s just for painting one of you uni frames though.

if you’re a good painter it will:D

actualy, it would depend on what style you’re looking for, the airbrush would most likely be what you want for a unicycle frame.

I don’t know why I’ve never seen anyone recommend Duracoat spray paint before, it’s not too expensive and is tough as nails, you just have to bake it on in your oven. (It’s easy, and it lasts)