Aching tail bone

I’ve been unicycling for about 3 1/2 months now, and now whenever I unicycle my tail bone (or whatever it’s called) aches after riding for 1/2 a mile. Is this a regular stage like aching legs when I started unicycling? Or could it me that my unicycle is too short for me?

Tbis is definitely something I have never experienced!

A tail bone ache could be related to a very hard seat!

It could be that your seat does not have enough or the right kind of padding. Unfortunately, this is just a guess, since I have never heard of this happening.

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I think the official name is “coccyx”.

Have you ever broken your tail bone? Memphis Mud broke his a couple years ago and still has problems. Maybe he will see your topic and provide you some information.

I don’t think an aching tail bone is a standard learning condition.

Yeah, I’ve never broken any bone, so that wouldn’t be the problem. My seat is whatever comes standard on my old 20 inch Schwinn.

I would also like to know how to tell how tall a unicycle should be. I know that on bikes you want your leg slightly bent when the crank arm is down. Is this also true on unicycles?

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On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 19:56:17 -0600, “LegoBoy” wrote:

>I would also like to know how to tell how tall a unicycle should be. I
>know that on bikes you want your leg slightly bent when the crank arm is
>down. Is this also true on unicycles?

Yes, that’s basically it. This is what “Learning to Unicycle” says:

Seat Height - As a rough guide, with your heel on the pedal which is
all the way down in the 6 o’clock position, your leg should be
reasonably extended but not overstretched. (This is not the foot
position for riding, see next page.) Seat height is quite a
subjective thing so just experiment for yourself and see what you

Note that this is for learning. If you would branch out into MUni of
trials, the best seat height is a lot lower.

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MUCRider speaks the truth.

I hit my tailbone so hard a few yrs ago, I’m sure I broke it. Local unicycle enthusiasts have heard plenty of my whining. It still gives me probs. If I give it a rest, it tames down. I couldn’t ride 6 miles without its being the reason I wanted to stop.

However, I rode 18.4 miles (personal record) on Sunday on my Coker. My arse was tired of the ride, but tailbone wasn’t hurting.

My best guess is that this coker has an airseat. (tire tube folded up under the cover with just enough air for a cushy ride).

Look to the seat, young man. Look to the seat.

There are numerous threads on the subject. Even a pictoral How-To.

See that little blue “search” button in the upper right? Do a search for “Airseat” or “Airseat Conversion”.

Also, make sure your seat angle is correct. If its adjustable, angle it up quite a bit in the front. Your butt bones will sit better on the wide part of the seat that way.

I was riding a Viscount saddle (same as the Schwinn) and it killed my tailbone, too. The KH saddle is really hard on the family jewels and I just never got used to it.
I switched to an air saddle over the last few days and the tailbone-aching issue has disappeared. I highly recommend an air saddle as the solution to your problem. Everyone is built differently, but it sounds like a reasonable thing to purchase. I bought mine from It’s pricey, but another tailbone is probably pricier!


I learned when I was a child.
My butt, was, non-existant.
(no muscle flesh)
As I developed, my tailbone problems dissappeared.
Try squats in your offtime/workouts.

BTW, I still have to use a mat or a folded towel to do
‘back on the floor leg lifts’. I still have very little body fat.

Congrats on the new personal best. Glad to hear your tailbone didn’t give you any grief.