Aching knees and ankles

Hi, I’m just a learner unicyclist. At the moment I can ride straight for as long as I can before I encounter the opposite wall, so I’m working on corners (not living near a convenient air field). However, this means that I’m having a lot of unscheduled dismounts, sometimes at speed. My knees and ankles are really feeling the strain.
Does anyone have any advice on how I can make it easier on my ankles and knees?

Hello OneWheelBlunder, Congratulations on learning to ride!

The answer is put your weight on the seat while riding will help most of all. I don’t think it’s the dismounts.

I have to admit that my knees and ankles are hurting today since I’ve been pushing myself by riding on lawns to build my endurance. Because I tend to not sit on the seat when I’m off the road.