Achilles surgery and no riding/walking for 2 months what do you do?

I have not been riding much in the last year due to some achilles and heel pain so now I just had achilles tendon surgery due to a heel deformity and a bone spur growing off the top of my heel up into the achilles. According to the Dr. they detached the tendon ground down the bone cut and lengthened the achilles and reattached the tendon and Doc says zero weight for 8 weeks. :astonished:
I am looking forward to riding again without the painful side effects but what do you do in the meantime besides look forward to recovery…I

Play some video games, read a book, learn things on the internet, and watch tv.

Practice your balance on one foot w/ one or both eyes closed, on balance boards and/or a squishy ball.

In your condition sudden jumps off may cause more damage, so I’d do stuff high failure but low consequence, like a wall or something to grab onto if neccessary.

since you cant ride the unicycle clean it polish it and … masturbait to it…

I have snapped an Achille’s tendon some time ago … it took me two years to get things back to normal: the big problem is that the other foot might consider it’s up to it to counterbalance. So my other tendon started to hurt and I had to train hard to balance efforts on my feet. 4 doctors later one discoverd I had some bones in my foot that were stuck together :o … (but this is a genetic defect not related to my achille’s accident). So be more aware of your body…

Read Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, Lord of the Rings, and play through Final Fantasy 7. You’ll prolly get 2/3 :wink:!!!

  1. Edit all those photos and videos that are cluttering up your computer (I’m guessing)
  2. Write a book
  3. Waste tons of time here and in Just Conversation
  4. Loan out your lonely unicycles :smiley:

May your recovery be swift and complication-free! Be good, the best way to heal fast is to not rush it.

So i have achilles tendon bursitis and looks like i could be out for quite a while :frowning:
My doc hasnt really given me a 100% diagnosis as he is waiting till i have had x-rays and ultrasound on Friday before he is 100% satisfied thats what it is…
He said i should keep weight off it and not put it under any stress.
Now, i am the sort of person that cannot do nothing for long periods of time, so i am wondering what anyone with medical knowledge would have to say about swimming… not full on swimming, i’m talking swimming with a floating thingy between my legs to keep my legs buoyant and just using my arms… Is it ok to do this, or will my natural instincts still make me move my legs/feet and put bad pressure on my ankle/achilles?

Hey Robert, it’s about 8 weeks later. How goes it?

Learn to Juggle? Sit in a window and smile at old people as they walk past, makes them feel so much better!

I kind of hope for your sake that it’s already a bit better by now… But if not, hope it is soon. :slight_smile:

I can juggle… Maybe i’ll try get better at it :wink:
It is a tad better now, but i will wait till i have had xray and ultrasound on Friday (and got results) till i stress it.
Swelling has reduced heaps, but pain comes and goes.

Well its been 4 months since the surgery and I am now doing rehab, and have ridin my 29er around the neighborhood a few times but have been mostly riding my mountainbike trying to get back into a excercise routine.
I already feel better now than before the surgery and no more pain when I walk or ride but it is going slower than I planned. I thought I would just push myself and get right back into it… NOPE the muscle atrophy in my leg is nuts, the Doc said at 3 months I could go at it “as hard as my muscles would permit”. Now I know why she phrased it that way… My muscle wont permit much anything, apparently when they lengthen your achilles they semi cut it loose from your calf muscle causing it to stretch like a rubber band does when you put cuts in it and the gap fills with scar tissue and then you have to redevelop your calf muscle along with everything else.
So last weekend I tried hopping on my bike and put my left foot on the pedal and proceeded to swing my right leg over the seat when my ankle gave out not able to hold foot position on the pedal with my body weight on it and down I went, some of the simplest things are not simple at the moment including free mounting.
In the last week I have been able to get a short ride in nearly every night and last night on the 29er I tried to see how far I could ride standing up, and could only go about 30-40 feet before my leg felt like it was gonna cramp up, hopefully if it dont rain this weekend I can get some good riding in this weekend.

wow, so sorry! unfortunately i understand. i broke my arm may 27th, 2 surgeries, one more to go to remove the stimulator, they even put my freakin hip into my arm lol. now in a short cast. cant even freakin straighten it. PT is so hard, feels like im having a baby out my elbow. been bored so i got a uni since 2 arms arent needed in case my right one never healed. i was riding the uni in the hallway but got tired of holding onto the wall so now when i dont, i cant ride straight so im banging the walls. lol

what I do, went to Dave and Busters and rode a motorcycle left-handed, disturb my boyfriend on the phone all day, tease my bunnies, became popular with the senior citizens, chat on this forum when i cant even ride the uni yet. just try to keep my sense of humor! shoot man, i actually get excited everyday when i can do something new. its been 7 months. i have an ARM again!! i will rip on my sk8s again and ride a uni. it wont be til this summer that im there. i wont get back 100%. i dont know if i will be able to do handstands anymore, so what. my spirit hasnt died!

ok, i went through the poor me stage but decided ok, life goes on. im bored, cant read a book to save my life, but there are enough people in this world for me to annoy to keep me busy til im healed. patience, learning it. focus on the SMALL improvements everyday, everyweek, every month. look at all the fat tired people ur age that cant do anything. then u realize life is GOOD. :smiley: there will be good and bad days. but the good days will soon be here to stay.

Learn to knit!

its pretty fun

If you have access to a swimming pool try doing some aqua therapy on it.

Things like running across the shallow end of a pool, or running in place can help your ankle re-stabilize/re-hab while not putting much weight or strain on it. Small hand weights can help you get better traction if you tend to float too much.

It sounds like you are getting better. Just drink plenty of water, stretch, and take it easy until it gets stronger.

Good luck and hang in there…

curiously I had no muscle atrophy at all after 3 months out due to my achille’s tendon snap.
now I think it was not necessarily good news: it means I have a sustained muscle tension and that is bad for relaxation and probably a reason why I get hurt so often. So may be a good thing your muscle need rehauling.