Acheviements of 2006

Here’s a thread for posting your newest unicycling accomplishments for the year of 2006.

I’ll start the list with:
My first 180 Uni-spin

yesterday i did a new trick i dont know what it is called but i ride, jump on wheel, spin uni 180, land on wheel, then i jump on to the pedals. i landed it 2nd time i tried it in the rain.

from discovering unicycles existed outside the circus to learning all the skills i know. :smiley:

I landed my first running jump mount into coasting.

irvinegr, it sounds like you did a 180 unispin on the wheel. It’s a fairly standard trick, but not an easy one. I certainly can’t do it.

u can wheel walk sideways on the wheel, but cant do 180 uni spin on the wheel… i bet u could… it could be the second new trick u learn this year.

That is so hard for me, I hurt myself pretty bad trying to do it…I couldn’t feel my arm for a while but I could feel the blood trickling down.

360 unispin, one foot wheel walk, gliding, hopping on tire and wall plant.

I did my first late-night muni riding on the woods trails near my house. I was hoping to rustle me up some coyote and see some glowing eyes in the trees, but it was a pretty non-eventful trip.

My main goal was to see what it was like, so I could decide whether to build a regular night time training routine, then use that to con myself into competing in one of those crazy 24-hour events.

My hidden agenda, of course, is to then use the 24-hour event as Valid Justification for buying a new KH 29.