Accomodation at unicon

Hi, we are thinking of going to unicon in Denmark. I was just wondering what kind of accomodation will be available, especially for families.


You should PM Ivan and find out. Cause he went to a unicycle convention there. So he would know. :smiley:

Not exactly… We went to FLUCK, which was held about 50 miles from Copenhagen. The accomodations will be different.

I did see the main building that Unicon will be held in. But you’ll have to ask one of the organizers about accomodations, I don’t know abything about it.

Hi Cathy,

I received this information from the Unicon organizers. I hope this will help you!


Unicon 2008

We have found a big building about 6 km. from the centre of Copenhagen that has 4 gyms, changing rooms, restaurant/cafeteria and all we need. One of the gyms will, together with the cafeteria, be a “hang out place” where you can meet other people eat and just chill out when you are not riding. All the events that require a gym will also take place in that building. We are having most of the gyms doing the whole convention. That means when competitions are not in the gym, they will be open for everybody to practice and play around.

Track events will take place about 300 meters from the gyms.

Trails/ street competitions will take place in front of the gym building, and there will be a simple trials course to play around at doing the whole convention.

MUni: - There are mountain bike trails about 30 minutes by train from the gyms. We hope to be able to do the competition in , where they have mountains – final location will be confirmed later. Pictures of the gyms and track will be online at the webpage soon.

We are working on getting classrooms about 400 meters from the Gyms, for a decent price. More information’s when we get it confirmed. Hopefully by spring 2007. Hotels, Hostels, B and B’s etc. will be another possibility – Information’s and recommendations will be sending out fall 2007.

We will have a website in several Languish up before new-year 2006. If you want to be a translator, send us an email. The translation will be from english.

The Unicon committee can be contacted by sending an email to
Make sure to forward this email to all your friends that might be interested in going to Unicon 2008 In Denmark and remind them to sign up for the mailing list on

Looking forward to see you all in in 2008.

All the best.

The Unicon organizing committee
Jesper M. Andersen, Kristian Sommer, Dennis Olesen and Jesper Sydney Jensen.

Wow! Just stumbled across this from a link in another thread.

I don’t really know, but cheers for remembering me in times of need.


I was wondering, are there any street/ trials riders that are planning to skip the freestyle/ race stuff and would want to go find cool spots to ride at?

Of course!